[ US /ˈɹɛkəɡˌnaɪz/ ]
  1. express obligation, thanks, or gratitude for
    We must acknowledge the kindness she showed towards us
  2. be fully aware or cognizant of
  3. grant credentials to
    recognize an academic degree
    The Regents officially recognized the new educational institution
  4. accept (someone) to be what is claimed or accept his power and authority
    We do not recognize your gods
    The Crown Prince was acknowledged as the true heir to the throne
  5. express greetings upon meeting someone
  6. detect with the senses
    I can't make out the faces in this photograph
    The fleeing convicts were picked out of the darkness by the watchful prison guards
  7. show approval or appreciation of
    My work is not recognized by anybody!
    The best student was recognized by the Dean
  8. exhibit recognition for (an antigen or a substrate)
  9. perceive to be the same
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How To Use recognize In A Sentence

  • Dom recognized a master tactician when he saw one. SOMEDAY MY PRINCE
  • They have recognized that their business depends on world of mouth, and that world of mouth is based on customer satisfaction.
  • He plays David as a charismatic rogue - someone the audience is supposed to recognize as a bit of a scoundrel, but like nevertheless.
  • I myself ran a popular singles group for a couple of years once so I recognize the behaviour of which he speaks.
  • It is important to recognize that all labor income, even the bonuses and stock options of CEOs, are included in the labor share.
  • Now that I think about it, direct property distraint was a recognized means of compelling welchers to fulfill their obligations in the quasi-anarchic Brehon laws of Celtic Ireland, even if it was a case of tenants or debtors going after landlords or creditors. Shameless Self-promotion Sunday #30
  • The Ahmadiyah were explicitly "warned and ordered" that "as long as they consider themselves to hold to Islam, to discontinue the promulgation of interpretations and activities that are deviant from the principal teachings of Islam, that is to say the promulgation of beliefs that recognize a prophet with all his teachings who comes after the Prophet Muhammad SAW. The Heritage Foundation Papers
  • Second, if a Palestinian state is recognized along the 1967 lines in point of fact, nothing more than the 1949 armistice lines, this undermines UN Security Council Resolution 242 and 338 and the Camp David Accords, which call for a negotiated outcome and do not predetermine final boundaries. David Harris: Support Peace: Oppose Palestinian UN Gambit
  • Call me a moon-eyed dreamer: I still believe the work of the serious writer will be recognized for what it is, whether it takes place examples chosen only for clarity and expediency in Ambergris, or 351 West 52 St New York City Apt # D RIGHT NOW, dammit. Evil Monkey on Fantasy
  • The bold provisionality and elegant openness of Merz's installations, as well as his own freewheeling personal presence and oracular writings, helped make him the most widely recognized of all the Arte Povera artists.
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