[ US /ˈɹɛkəɡˌnaɪzəbɫi/ ]
  1. to a recognizable degree
    he was recognizably slimmer now
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How To Use recognizably In A Sentence

  • All the same, in spite of its curiously hybridized form and content, the core of English remained recognizably, unshakably, true to its roots. The English Is Coming!
  • Postmodernism seems built on the disillusionment with the possibility of redemption - a stance that registers as both recognizably human and unforgivably cowardly.
  • The four films are slices of a life that was on the cusp of changing unrecognisably. Times, Sunday Times
  • The result smeared the features of the image to such shapelessness that it was not recognizably human.
  • The main objection to this definition is that it excludes many people in China and India who are recognizably middle-class but earn less than $12 a day.
  • I'm convinced that the picture editor sends every illustration back that is recognisably human and/or fails to meet some European standard of hideosity.
  • Coco, of course, set the template of the bouclé cardigan suit in the Fifties, which is one element that gave this idea the power of a recognisably chic ‘classic’.
  • There's a panel in which a mounted allosaur is is blown up, and the skeleton has been pencilled with adoring detail; it even has recognisably Saurischian hip anatomy and is lit really dramatically by the explosion. The Week's Comics: GA/BC #19, Oracle #2
  • From the first thoughts came the great human migrations out of Africa, and the first instances of recognisably human behaviour. Times, Sunday Times
  • Moreover fictional ghosts take many forms, from the recognizably human to the fearfully alien: insubstantial wraiths, or corporeal creatures with the ability to inflict gross physical harm.
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