How To Use Reciprocation In A Sentence

  • He really believes in nature, and values life for the power of what Johnson calls reciprocation of benevolence. Hours in a Library, Volume I. (of III.)
  • ‘I've got some grapes in my car,’ I offered gallantly, assuming that she would offer something in reciprocation, but she didn't even seem mildly interested in my grapes.
  • I feel that an after luncheon speaker should reciprocate as best he may and the only thing I can do, by way of reciprocation is to get on with my subject. Munitions and Common Sense
  • First, in subsequent negotiations and interactions, we can be more cognizant of the techniques that the sales people were using; "Oh, this is the 'reciprocation' technique, don't feel that you need to reciprocate. Jill Konrath - Selling to Big Companies
  • In reciprocation, however, he got a big naught.
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  • And this produces a more active version of intertextuality, where there's a kind of force and reciprocation between a place and a text, rather than just a vague evocation.
  • Others must be taken , very precisely , very deliberately, as there is reciprocation on the other side.
  • Fate is a funny thing sometimes, the amount off invested does not guaranteed u reciprocation.
  • It was just the kind of reciprocation toward your fellow man the Bible demands. Latest News
  • For the steam engine, reciprocation into rotary motion, compound pressurization, and separation of the condenser as a detached unit contributed to efficiency, portability, and use at sea.
  • As there as yet has been no real reciprocation from the EU's trading partners, agreement on market access still is a long way off.
  • Reciprocation of self - inflation of governmental organization and officer's standard value orientation.
  • You are sensitive and caring in loving personal relationships and can expect reciprocation from your partner.
  • It does seem that some kind of reciprocation is in order. The WritingYA Weblog: Odd Lots
  • There's been a genuine reciprocation, which is an essential element of any good exchange. WalesOnline - Home
  • If he’s been and continues to be good to you, reciprocation is the honorable thing to do. Gardener thoughts
  • Our capacities for reciprocation, generosity, care, tactility, expression, thoughtfulness and all the other attributes which light up our eyes may well not be enough for another.
  • What a missed opportunity in my childhood: I remember a teacher or two whose venom deserved reciprocation.
  • A person might feel suspicious when you hand him a flower, for example, because he might think you're trying to invoke the very strong psychological phenomenon of "reciprocation": When someone gives you something or does something for you, you feel you must reciprocate. Slate Magazine
  • The concept of "free riding" emphasizes the fact that traditional offline institutions expect and require reciprocation from the majority of their members for their continued existence. Boing Boing
  • The criteria for reciprocal altruism seem fulfilled as the interactions seem based upon expectations of reciprocation.
  • Lamb (who drank only water) retired almost with the dinner itself, nothing remained for men of our principles, the rigor of which we had illustrated by taking rather too much of old port before the cloth was drawn, except talking; amoebaean colloquy, or, in Dr. Johnson's phrase, a dialogue of "brisk reciprocation. Biographical Essays

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