How To Use Reallocate In A Sentence

  • Many people are forced to reallocate household budgets away from spending on schooling and healthcare, to change their living arrangements, and to liquidate their assets in order to smooth consumption during a crisis.
  • Thus, there is no need to reallocate the container for each new element.
  • It did not explain the source of these "reallocated" funds, or what other priority inspections would be affected. Undefined
  • Do recall that the runup to the war was not funded -- it was "reallocated" from other budgets. White House Debating Whether To Announce "Intention" To Begin Withdrawing From Iraq Someday
  • Suppression of reproduction reflects the classic conceptualization of the stress syndrome, as resources are reallocated to cope with needs more urgent than reproduction.
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  • Personnel were redeployed and financial resources were reallocated in support of field operations.
  • So if you reduce the profit margin by restricting advertising or imposing cost control, you will simply force companies to reallocate their resources.
  • Because in a market economy, resources, including human resources, are constantly reallocated between different uses.
  • In a detailed report, the Healthcare Commission demanded future resources be reallocated to underfunded towns.
  • Other areas are to lose aid so that money can be reallocated to towns devastated by pit closures.
  • The company's resources were reallocated to support the diversification strategy, and over time, sales of the new product lines grew, increasing earnings and revitalizing top line growth.
  • Government is now salivating over Social Security funds (after having already "reallocated" the massive Social Security surplus of a few short years ago). Main RSS Feed
  • When necessary, priorities were reviewed and time reallocated to provide this elective.
  • These can respond to market signals to reallocate exposures automatically as volatility rises.
  • • TTC chair Karen Stintz confirmed service hours for some bus routes with low ridership are being cut, with resources "reallocated" to heavier used routes. - Home Page
  • A parallel route, number 29, has had its frequency increased to every 15 minutes as a result of these extra resources being reallocated to it.
  • Tasks were reallocated, workloads adjusted and we got everything done once again.
  • Reduce late-night, off-peak and weekend service for bus routes on 48 routes with low ridership, with resources "reallocated" to busier routes. - Home Page
  • As the relevant courts have often noted, when a school reallocates resources to remedy past inequity against women, it does not commit a new act of reverse discrimination.
  • There are some movements afoot, seeking to protect the resources which are left and reallocate resources to developing countries in need.
  • The commissioner has broad discretion to allocate and reallocate resources to meet his operational requirements.
  • The most interesting thing about the Zogby poll is he also applied the 15% viability rule and reallocated people who backed "unviable" candidates in their first round to their second choice. Poll: Statistically Tied Democratic Race In Iowa
  • Can you imagine your vote being "reallocated" to another candidate? Schneider: How did Clinton win big?
  • The first component of m is the number of eggs that alpha could have provisioned with pollen reallocated from destroyed beta larvae with unconsumed pollen.
  • But moral hazard reduces the ability to reallocate risk among different economic agents.
  • Ideally universities will use this as an opportunity to reallocate resources from lectures to other teaching techniques (such as more tutors and on-line help), but might be tempted just to cut costs.
  • When conditions change, synchronization realigns the multiple priorities and reallocates resources.
  • Her powers have been usurped by the Chief Justice and reallocated to other people.
  • You can also use Attribute Refunds to reallocate your attribute points at any time.
  • His mobile number returned "unobtainable", his landline number had been reallocated and he had left his bedsit. 'David, my brother for a year'
  • The only reason Buford didn’t have to implement school choice was that Dr. Griffin reallocated school system funds so that Buford was not receiving any Federal Title I funds — these are the only schools which are impacted by failing to meet testing benchmarks. Purnell's Letter to Griffin at

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