How To Use Real stuff In A Sentence

  • What is the real stuff of tragedy in the book?
  • I drink my hot chocolate - they serve the real stuff on these trains - and sneer inwardly at them.
  • I promised the old infidel that he should have the real stuff, and I'll let him see that a giaour can keep his word. Picked up at Sea The Gold Miners of Minturne Creek
  • While the colas do contain some caffeine, they are not equal to the real stuff.
  • Keeping to a Japanese theme, I'm using soba noodles and tamari soya sauce - the real stuff, no additives or caramel, simply soya beans, salt and water.
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  • Whether this frothing was real or mere synthetic outrage is hard to say since the latter is now so common it is increasingly impossible to spot the real stuff.
  • Plastic laminate, linoleum and vinyl floors mimic the real stuff better than before; we tabbed Pergo Accolade Rustic Oak PJ2627 ($3.25 a square foot) a Best Buy among plastic laminates and recommended Congoleum DuraCeramic Sierra Slate SI-74 Golden Greige ($4.00 a square foot) among vinyl flooring. Lower debt frees up remodeling money—here's where the deals are
  • They yearn for the real stuff, taxi holdups and pickpockets on the Mexico City metro, twisted iron bars and neighborhood break-ins, even in walled enclaves. Crime may pay
  • saltiness" to the dish, so you can use less of the real stuff.
  • Laos, from what has been shown so far, looks an awful lot like Southern California underneath the slurb, I mean - the real stuff. Food and Drink
  • Keeping to a Japanese theme, I'm using soba noodles and tamari soya sauce - the real stuff, no additives or caramel, simply soya beans, salt and water.
  • Note that credit here is the transfer of ‘real stuff,’ i.e., eight saved loaves of bread from the baker to the shoemaker in exchange for a future pair of shoes.
  • The article is all but fourteen paragraphs long but the real stuffing of the reflective piece is the last five.
  • So it's a weird, nonsensical cartoon, the kind of dada-ist, surreal stuff that abounded in the mid-'90s before networks realized that advertisers didn't want to buy time on "kids" shows that weren't actually comprehensible to kids. Archive 2008-02-01
  • They accomplish real stuff, like building schools in Guatemala.
  • That thing about the plural of the word mongoose, before we get to the real stuff, Doug in Connecticut says, "I once asked my father the correct plural of mongoose. CNN Transcript Jun 15, 2004
  • Indeed, as the US papers were more than desperate to point out repeatedly, they gave many a team a real stuffing.
  • At school I sat in anticipation of the day that Mr Sutton would come in and tell us that everything we had learned so far had been an elaborate jape on his part, and the real stuff would now begin.
  • Ah! said Joyce. I like this. This is the real stuff.

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