1. someone who reasons logically
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How To Use ratiocinator In A Sentence

  • In other words, he will immediately place himself in a position in which you may be excused for regarding him as a person whose opinion is worth nothing, whereas his ratiocinatory powers on subjects with which he is more in sympathy may be excellent. The Merry-Go-Round
  • Here Leibniz 'ideal of a calculus of reasoning (calculus ratiocinator) comes to the fore again. AXIOMATIZATION
  • It cannot be denied that they usually have the matter discussed before them by an intelligent bar, but the manner of the discussion is more after the furious mode of the prize-fighters at a fair for victory, -- not truth, in which violent gesticulation and round and reckless assertion are alone to be found, than the calm, dispassionate ratiocinatory process of one who seeks, by fair argument and clear illustration to enlighten the minds of the motley court upon a subject lying before it, shrouded in the gloom of the profoundest ignorance. Eoneguski, or, the Cherokee Chief: A Tale of Past Wars. Vol. I.
  • Once again, we got the message: the non-Bush, the thoughtful ratiocinator. AlterNet.org Main RSS Feed
  • In his Begriffsschrift, Frege wrote that the idea of a general characteristic, of a calculus philosophicus or ratiocinator was too ambitious to be achieved by Leibniz alone. Leibniz's Influence on 19th Century Logic
  • According to Schröder, Frege's system is less of a ˜general characteristic™ and more of a calculus ratiocinator, and its development would have been significant, had it not already been achieved by others (esp. by Boole). Leibniz's Influence on 19th Century Logic
  • He mentioned the different names used by Leibniz: lingua characterica universalis (in fact Trendelenburg's term; Leibniz used characteristica universalis), alphabet of human thoughts, calculus philosophicus, calculus ratiocinator, spécieuse générale. Leibniz's Influence on 19th Century Logic
  • Mr. Russell himself is far too witty and athletic a ratiocinator simply to repeat the slander dogmatically. Meaning of Truth
  • The father of mysteries dies of unknown causes after a three-day disappearance; the ratiocinator and critic willingly embraces Lethe and Nepenthe. Kenneth Hite's Journal
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