How To Use Ratables In A Sentence

  • Not only because of the ratables, but primarily because of the sense of connectedness to the community and its issues that OWNERSHIP implies. Taking Plainfield to the cleaners?
  • Let's see: the City is getting a $3.5 million new senior center for free, is saving $100k per year it currently pays in rent for the existing center and adds substantial market-rate condos/ratables to the tax base on a piece of property not now generating any tax revenues. Should we give Plainfield away?
  • So now, dear taxpayer, you are looking not only at a failure of the state to deliver on promised school construction and its positively harming the business and employment climate of the city, it seems you may very well be looking at the total loss of tax ratables from the West Front Street property as the state welches on its promise. SCC decision bitter pill for Plainfield
  • Especially since improved buildings would be reassessed and generate more ratables for a cash-strapped town. Gold in them thar buildings
  • Pave it over and collect the ratables and let the customers run over the kids and the grannies. Too Little, Too Late
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  • Border wars we don't need: A new round of state competition for tax ratables and jobs - NJVoices: Linda Stamato Border wars we don't need: A new round of state competition for tax ratables and jobs
  • To address that, Christie wants lawmakers to put a proposed constitutional amendment before voters imposing a 2.5 percent cap on increases in local property tax levies, adjusted for increases in ratables. - News

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