How To Use Rarified In A Sentence

  • (They're not exactly in rarified company, since PJPII has cranked out saints during his papacy at an indecent pace.) 1. 10/04/2004
  • Newspaper articles, instead of decaying to pulp or dust, were instead memorialized if they caught the attention of the reader, valued over the more rarified knowledge contained in expensive books.
  • It will fall on deaf ears as that kind of expression is rare in rarified D.C., a place that pays $700 billion on long odds, without any strings attached, a simple insider job with the cops turning their heads (all done in a few days without any public hearings) and then refuses to consider saving our last big manufacturing industry with or without strings. Stevens Bows Out in Alaska Senate Race - The Caucus Blog -
  • In order to maintain value or currency, beauty/art must be exclusionary, standardized and rarified.
  • Interstellar space could, in general, be defined as a rarified nothingness, a more perfect vacuum than anything achievable in a laboratory. Trek to Madworld
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  • Their deep, infinite childhood oneness with mother, tragically lost and unmourned, is suddenly back, rarified and purified. Think Progress » Murtha on Haditha: ‘I Know There Was a Cover-up … The Chain of Command Tried to Stifle the Story’
  • Thus began Cooper's serendipitous ascent into the more rarified air of the arts and crafts.
  • Spurred by the urge for excellence, Indian women are foraying into the rarified entrepreneurial space.
  • 'sublimate' our emotions, when life denies them an outlet on the level of our desire, by raising them to a higher and more rarified range of feeling and action. The Legacy of Greece Essays By: Gilbert Murray, W. R. Inge, J. Burnet, Sir T. L. Heath, D'arcy W. Thompson, Charles Singer, R. W. Livingston, A. Toynbee, A. E. Zimmern, Percy Gardner, Sir Reginald Blomfield
  • Well, it sounds like it, or at least the particularly rarified form of it practiced by the kind of names mentioned above.
  • Not necessarily, says Ratzsch, because (AFAICT) he thinks that things like mind correlativity and "counterflow" allow rarified design inferences. A brief sidebar about design and evolution
  • The intoxicating brio of the coda capped a performance that approached that rarified aura of perfection!
  • Today we get apparatchiks who start their working life with the intention to become a politician and work their way through the rarified environment of trade union offices, electorate offices or political think tanks.
  • The Lithuanian auteur has long been known, if not exactly loved, for a kind of rarified ultra-minimalism - long takes in grainy B IndieWIRE News
  • ‘Humidity means that the air density is rarified and so the available engine power is reduced as air entering the combustion chamber is reduced,’ says Binotto.
  • I know the air is pretty rarified in academia, but has the good professor considered taking an evening course in the university of life?
  • Now these antique allusions add a rarified, elegant seasoning to the work.
  • But more than anything yet seen in Moore's career, this film was made in the bubble and breathes truly rarified air.
  • Up there where the air is rarified, a driver finds a degree of calm unknown to those in lower cars who are obliged to stare blindly into his exhaust pipe.
  • Changes in the game might have rarified some of old-time hockey's staple techniques, but what of the future?
  • With the leaving of the cars, East Hampton transformed from the rarified vacationland it had been, to just another lonely and desolate, Long Island small town. Jack Hannibal: Running on Clouds
  • Cox will be floating in rarified air tonight as manager of the National League Cox, Braves say it's good to be home
  • Not necessarily, says Ratzsch, because (AFAICT) he thinks that things like mind correlativity and "counterflow" allow rarified design inferences. A brief sidebar about design and evolution
  • Research has shown this to be the seventh occasion on which this club has been honoured by an address from you and this fact made me wonder whether perhaps you might be breaking a record of some sort and, indeed, I found that you are in rarified company. The State of the Economy
  • I know the air is pretty rarified in academia, but has the good professor considered taking an evening course in the university of life?
  • His club have taken him to the rarified heights of the Premiership's top three and the international caps continue to flow in a steady stream.
  • His passionate performance moved swiftly and easefully onto important climaxes and drew some appealing colours in the rarified textures, such as the finale's triple trills, and the fugue was virtuoso.
  • [T] aken as a whole, cogent piece of work, Paris makes an underwhelming survey of the state of the art house - nothing here even whiffs at the rarified abjection found in Antonioni's segment in 1953's similarly conceived, Rome-set L'Amore in citta," writes Nick Pinkerton at indieWIRE. GreenCine Daily: Paris je t'aime.
  • He noticed worriedly that the overcrowded pool area felt overly warm and thought that the air was rarified.
  • He pointed out that the book review is a news service, a digest of the latest news about books - not publicity for publishers, nor a rarified forum for highbrow esoterica.
  • The accusation was that the Foundation uses 'the system' to create prizes that ultimately benefits 'the system' - a kind of rarified, new boys 'network of billionaires creating new frontiers for their businesses. Amy Y. Day: A New Kind Of Blowin' In The Wind
  • Still, the stop sign made stop an everyday sight rather than a word reserved for rare occasions and rarified vocabularies. The English Is Coming!
  • In more rarified circles, Chinese and Indian artists are winning acclamation at the highest levels.
  • Described as rarified energy like mist, the ethereal soul directs our movement through life in any direction, taking our life experiences and learning from them in order to bring us to higher levels where creative visions, imagination, projections, and plans can arise. The Way of the Fertile Soul
  • Some things he does at the plate are in rarified terrritory. New park helps keep Kendall in place
  • The air here isn't that rarified and most of us like to do other things as well.
  • At least Mr. Cheney will join Spiro Agnew in the rarified pantheon of American vice presidents anyone remembers. — Biden and Cheney Clash on Role of No. 2 - The Caucus Blog -
  • It's one of those rarified treats when you are simply left reaching for words.

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