How To Use Rapaciously In A Sentence

  • In the areas under his occupation the enemy has been rapaciously plundering manpower and material resources.
  • A very different beast has emerged since then -- a new future at once more rapaciously cold in its capitalism, more dominated by moral or religious issues, and less certain of further technological progress. 18 Non-Fiction Essays by Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers
  • The NR Board slavered rapaciously for ever more profit, and drank from only one well. Review: The Crunch by Alex Brummer
  • Surely he would be astonished to see himself inflated into yet another biographical Gargantua, not to mention in a book that feeds rapaciously on his most unattractive if not repellent aspects: his obsessive, divided sexuality, his spectacular alcoholism, his failures as husband and father. 2009 April 09 « One-Minute Book Reviews
  • Automobile transport is used wastefully, rapaciously.
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  • Especially against the doddering dairymaidens of surrender like that inveterate sleazehound KXF who so rapaciously libeled me! Excerpt from Urdoxa 2.0
  • They have been described as ‘locusts’, rapaciously enriching themselves at the expense of ordinary investors.
  • But to evidence unequivocal that the United States of America was never intended to provide even the first hint of adhesion to any religious orientation: In the latter years of the 1790s and early days and years of the 1800s, the North Africa states along what was known as the Barbary Coast — Tripoli, Tunis, Algiers, and Morocco — were rapaciously raking American shipping. The US was NEVER intended to be Christian. Herein is the Documented Truth.
  • In our modern era, rapaciously expanding industry and a growing population continue to threaten the world's delicate ecological balance, proof of a relationship out of kilter with nature and the elements.
  • It steals from the U.S. treasury as rapaciously to enrich the corporate elite. Printing: A Farewell to Arms: Why I Left "The Left'
  • If, wherever you look, you see people lining their pockets rapaciously, without any thought for what is right, then if you do the right thing, you are made to feel stupid. Invasion of the booty snatchers: how greed is spreading out from the City
  • The reality is that we are rapaciously destroying ecosystems and burning fossil fuels as if there were no tomorrow.
  • He seemed to have gained a greater self-confidence from the incredible and unexpected success of his book and he capitalized on it rapaciously.
  • he had so rapaciously desired and so obtusely expected to find her alone
  • We practically trip into a couple of graves which are the remains of various settlements of Russian Pomors, the hardy (mad?) walrus hunters who lived, rapaciously hunted - and often died - here in the 18th century. Beth Kapusta: ...somewhere just south of the 79th parallel
  • He could feel those fingers worming into his brain, chewing into his thoughts and rapaciously digesting what they found. Rogue Oracle
  • Here the humanoid on display was a rapaciously acquisitive creature engaged in elaborate and expensive mating rituals. Kim Kardashian Fails the P.T. Barnum Test

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