How To Use Ranter In A Sentence

  • My last boss was Stan Ternent and he's old-school - a bit of a ranter and raver.
  • He is not a ranter or raver which is great, because that is not what you want when things are going against you.
  • Lead singer (read: ranter) Bobby Gillespie is an uncaged mental patient on this record, morphing his voice to fit the proceedings.
  • Surprisingly, the ranters and the ravers don't dominate.
  • His chosen forebears were Diggers and Ranters and Fifth-Monarchy Men.
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  • It is this power of 'Liberty', which is the engine of, and granter of power to the state of that which is called, 'Authority'. Taking On AIPAC: How to Support Palestinians AND Israel and Peace and Justice
  • They were at war with none personally; as high-toned, large-souled men and women they were ready with their expressions of hatred and contempt for the unchristian social life of our generation, but they were never ranters. Brook Farm
  • It's no secret that credit granters are a big part of the problem in identity theft and credit scams.
  • Lord of Yester, to be holden blanch of the granter, which is confirmed the 15th of October, 17th of King David II. anno Peerage of England, genealogical, biographical, and historical
  • Operation Wonderland follows an employee, Jed, whose daily duties at the theme park's waste disposal unit are interrupted by the enigmatic Blue Fairy, the granter of children's wishes at her grotto.
  • If not put them back in jail where they cannot rob and burgle for that time. on December 30, 2009 at 8: 28 am Ranter Police ‘Targets’ for 2010 Revealed « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG
  • Too much of this one-hour set was wasted on repetitive banter with an ill-assorted bunch of gigglers, ranters and exhibitionists. Times, Sunday Times
  • Confronted with this picture of insensate delusion and folly, the critical reader will immediately counterplead that England all this time was conducting a war which involved the organization of several millions of fighting men and of the workers who were supplying them with provisions, munitions, and transport, and that this could not have been done by a mob of hysterical ranters. Heartbreak House
  • While the granter retains their mental faculties, a continuing power can be written to allow someone else the authority to carry out bank account transactions, as they would be able to do with a general power.
  • He is not a ranter and raver in the dressing room.
  • Tranter ironises the influence of Rimbaud (on both himself and his peers) in ‘Poem ending with a line by Rimbaud’.
  • Fernebuchlyn and Inner-Schyn, and also his whole land of Sutherland towards the west which lay between the aforenamed land and the marches of Ross, to be held to himself and to his own heirs for ever from the granter and his heirs, performing for such lands the service of one bowman and the forinsec service due to the king in respect of such lands; and this grant was confirmed by King William the Lion (who died in December 1214) on the 29th of April, probably in 1212, at Sutherland and Caithness in Saga-Time or, The Jarls and The Freskyns
  • _ Mrs. Behn (or, haply, George Jenkins, the first editor of _The Widow Ranter_), here uses the ordinary form 'flambeaux' as a plural. The Works of Aphra Behn Volume IV.
  • We had two – the book was the one by Ziemer, Tranter and Fannin – but those also touched on Laplacian analysis, which was expanded upon in control theory. Replication Policy Re-Posted « Climate Audit
  • [...] [T] oday the state acts as a hands-off licensing bureau and divorce granter, making marriage relatively easy to enter and exit, yet maintain legal marital status as a key determinant of eligibility for more than one thousand federal rights and obligations. Bella DePaulo: Challenges to the Privileging of Married People, from Across the Ideological Spectrum
  • Some think its a mystickal prison, a power base, a wish granter. Kiss of a Demon King
  • And I am certain, just as night follows day, that after this tempest in a teapot is gone the blogsters and anti-Obama ranters here will find some other non-event to bray on about. — Watching for Fallout From the Blagojevich Report - The Caucus Blog -
  • Mr. Rahr, chief executive of Kinray, the largest privately-held wholesale pharmaceutical distributor, is the organization's largest wish granter. Rahr's Wishful Thinking
  • P. Coltrane nottscop @ 31 … fudge is my friend and i ` m saying no more. on October 19, 2008 at 7: 28 am | Reply ranter Cheated. « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG
  • Anyone who disagrees risks being labelled anti-business or a swivel-eyed ranter. Times, Sunday Times
  • Could we be different and innovative by perhaps reverting to the more traditional method of public birching? on November 4, 2008 at 10: 30 pm | Reply Ranter Ruralshire Constabulary on the telly? « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG
  • Today's Sun promotion for SunTalk refers to him as a "motormouth" and refers to the fact that he has been called "the most rabid ranter on radio. The Guardian World News
  • Isn't my sputtering rather feeble compared to the inspired apocalyptic rants being posted by some world class ranters?
  • I am vocal on the pitch but have never been a ranter and raver off it.
  • To put love on top of career and family. There is no mission granter than looking for the other half of your life. "If my wife, my mom and my kid are drown, save my wife first.
  • Paul Tranter and James Warn of the University of New South Wales wanted to see if following professional motor sports as a fan added to the need to be fast and furious.
  • Sir David Steel gave an address at the memorial service for Nigel Tranter, the noted author who died in January.
  • My Mum isn't a ranter and raver like James, she just has an amazing ability to state the obvious, repeat herself and just get on your nerves at times.
  • I'm kind of agog here that the developers in this thread don't seem to care about that, or regard it all as pointless whining by aggrieved forum ranters. Order 66
  • One small potential problem area in lending decisions is that credit granters checking the housing background of applicants may consult rates lists.
  • It sounds all too much like the previous case, with the council using its powers as landowner and granter of planning permission to try to force through highly unpopular schemes.
  • OK, you might say, this guy with his "Obama's Burning Taxpayer-Funded Incense To Whatever Pagan, Foreign Deity He's Worshiping" nonsense is just another attention-seeking rightwing rent-a-ranter. Clay Farris Naff: Jesus Concerned About The Poor? You Must Be Joking, Says The Christian Right
  • The treatment ginge is dishing out to you is nothing short of terrible. on September 27, 2006 at 5: 03 am | Reply ranter Red Storm Rising « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG
  • Under his model, granters would work directly with grantees, sharing their business skills but resisting the temptation to meddle with program delivery.
  • He will be comfortable with his citation on the blogrolls of various right-wing groupuscules and assorted reactionary ranters.
  • He is a granter of wishes, and hers, of course, is for a child. Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror: Catch Hell - Laird Barron
  • We learn how the ideas of the Ranters, Levellers and the Diggers filtered into the common-sense of this labouring class.
  • No, say Tranter and Warn, but maybe a more visible safety PR campaign to the masses may help.
  • While I agree with a few of his points, and dislike the ranters' attitudes that such companies are simply evil, I feel like standing up a little for the ranters, or at least providing an alternate slant on their rants.
  • There were no ranters or rabble-rousers, just an invited audience of academics, writers, politicians and sombre party members.
  • Now is probably a good time to admit that I myself am a reformed/recovering ranter and raver, which is why I feel compelled to tell everyone else to stop it. The Nervous Breakdown
  • The authority of the UN and the key position of the Security Council as the generator of mandates, the overseer of security maintenance operations, and the granter of legitimacy, was defended.
  • (Another possible reason for this style of writing: convoluted, impenetrable strings of misused words and bizarre jargon impresses the grant-granters, on whose fickle largesse almost everyone in the arts depends. Freeing art from gibberish
  • Using a mixture of readings and commentary, he ranges from More's Utopia through the English Civil War period with its Levellers, Ranters and Diggers.
  • He's quietly confident, not a shouter or a ranter and raver, he just does it. Northern Ireland 4-0 Faroe Islands | Euro 2012 Group C qualifier match report
  • But that's not going to keep her original, "slapdash," study from being widely cited by the usual ranters. Libertarian Blog Place

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