How To Use Ramses ii In A Sentence

  • Sesostris, or Pharaoh Ramses II, whose mummy was unswathed in 1886 by Maspero of the Bulak Museum, and recognised as that of the greatest king of Egypt, whose grandson, Ramses III, was the last king of an ancient kingdom. when not a mere pretence, degenerated but too often into Black Magic.
  • Ramses ii conducted a series of expeditions to restore to Palestinian rule Egypt.
  • The Temple of Luxor is downtown, and nearby are the Colossi of Memnon, Karnak Temple, Hatshepsut's Temple, the Valley of the Kings, the Valley of the Queens, and the Ramesseum, with the gigantic shattered statue of Ramses II that inspired Shelley to write "Ozymandias. Letter From Egypt
  • When Ramses II was over eighty he celebrated his rejuvenation at the feast of Set, repeating it yearly until he was ninety and more, and displaying his power of rejuvenation to the Gods above in the Obelisks he regularly erected as a memorial, which the aged Pharaoh decorated with electrum at the top so that their brightness should pour over lands of Egypt when the sun was mirrored in them. Rebellion in the Land of the Pharaohs
  • Only one country dare confront Ramses II - the Hittites.
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  • The statues here portray Ramses II as Osiris, god of the afterlife, who helps the dead live for eternity.
  • Sacred stories unfold across 16 chambers and corridors in the tomb of Seti I, father of Ramses II.
  • The most impressive part of the complex must be the great hypostyle hall started by Seti I and completed by his son Ramses II.
  • In 1884, Petrie discovered fragments of the collassal statue of Ramses II during his excavations of the Temple of Tanis.
  • Proclaiming his power to neighboring Nubians, Ramses II of Dynasty XIX had this huge temple hewn out of rock at Abu Simbel.
  • Indeed the life-sized granite bust of Ramses II here shows him looking as if somebody has reminded him of a private joke. British Museum handsomely fulfils its duties to England outside London

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