[ US /ˈɹeɪˌdiənt, ˈɹeɪdjənt/ ]
[ UK /ɹˈe‍ɪdi‍ənt/ ]
  1. radiating or as if radiating light
    the effulgent daffodils
    a refulgent sunset
    the beaming sun
    a radiant sunrise
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How To Use radiant In A Sentence

  • You know that moment when really liking someone turns into a radiant love - overwhelming, a little frightening and almost exasperatingly fresh?
  • Her face was radiant with delight at the good news.
  • The crisp dynamic shifts and organized flourishes whet your appetite for more of the same, especially during the radiant synth pinwheels of the chorus.
  • The result: a radiant glow. The Sun
  • The flame was glorious - radiant with the colours of antique knighthood and the flashing gallantries of the past; but no substance fed it; flaring wildly, it tossed to and fro in the wind; it was suddenly put out.
  • Looking radiantly healthy - in contrast to her wan mien of recent months - she lucidly defended herself the interviewers tried to extract an apology from her.
  • The radiant beauty of the score, and the warm tenderness at the heart of it, are very moving.
  • Incident energy: Total arc energy, both radiant and convective, that is actually received per unit area, in calories per square centimeter. CSE - Top Articles
  • He smiled over at Marietta, then his face paled and he froze, seeing Marietta's rounded stomach and radiant face.
  • Notice also that the range, or spectrum, of visible light frequencies is only a very small part of the whole spectrum of radiant energy. The Harper Dictionary of Science in Everyday Language
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