radially symmetrical

  1. having a symmetrical arrangement of radiating parts about a central point
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How To Use radially symmetrical In A Sentence

  • biradially symmetrical
  • Radially symmetrical flowers, such as buttercups and tulips, have a single type of petal arranged the same way all around a center.
  • Wild-type conidiophores are radially symmetrical and consist of a stalk with a single vesicle from which multiple primary sterigmata bud.
  • Disk florets have a tubular corolla with five small radially symmetrical lobes and five connate anthers forming a cylinder around the style.
  • Common larval types are used to deduce a radially symmetrical, medusa-like organism as the common ancestor for all animal groups above coelenterates, i.e., for all triploblastic animals.
  • starfish are actinoid--that is, they are radially symmetrical
  • Their larvae are free-swimming and NOT radially symmetrical. Starfish sex. | My[confined]Space
  • What happens in plants such as buttercups, in which radially symmetrical flowers are the norm?
  • Cnidarians are radially symmetrical, meaning that they're symmetrical around several axes, like the spokes in a bicycle wheel, whereas all the organisms depicted to the right of the cnidarian are bilaterally symmetrical, meaning they're only symmetrical around the head-to-tail axis (except for the echinoderms, which evolved radial symmetry independently). 2005 June - Telic Thoughts
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