[ US /ˈkwɔɹəm/ ]
[ UK /kwˈɔːɹəm/ ]
  1. a gathering of the minimal number of members of an organization to conduct business
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How To Use quorum In A Sentence

  • We require a quorum of 100 students to proceed - and the motion lapses if it isn't obtained.
  • If there's no quorum at the July meeting, it's only going to hurt themselves," Moyle said. Amanda Becker: Nevada Ron Paul Supporters Stage Rogue GOP Convention
  • Principe nempe Persarum gessit; ratione quorum bellorum in partes alias bellum mouere noluit, ob eamque causam in partibus Poloni� latrones quidam Cosaci nuncupati, et alij facinorosi in partibus illis existentes, subditos C鎠aris potentissimi turbare et infestare non desierunt. The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation
  • We need a quorum of seven.
  • Salvato librario, et Demetrio lectore, ducatos XLV Francischo fabro lignario mediolanensi habitatori piscinæ urbis Romæ pro banchis Bibliothecæ conficiendis, maxime vero decem quæ ad sinistram jacent, quorum longitudo est XXXVIII palmorum, vel circa, et ita accepta parte pecuniarum, cujus summa est centum et XXX ducatorum, facturum se debitum promittit et obligat, die XV Julii 1475. The Care of Books
  • By precedent, the Senate could make such quorum calls dilatory at any time, if no substantive business had intervened since a quorum had been previously established. www): The Volokh Conspiracy
  • The main goal of the meeting was to pass an amendment to lower the quorum count to 200.
  • His mensis astant Barones, et Principes pro vasallis attentè in suis officijs ministrantes, quorum nec vnus emittere verbum aliqua præsumit audacia, nisi Imperatore annuente, vel ad illum loquente, illis duntaxat exceptis, qui certis interspatijs canunt, aut recitant de principum gestis. The Voyages and Travels of Sir John Mandeville
  • Furthermore, the fact that a quorum is required by the Constitution for business to be conducted implies that a sufficient number of specific members must give specific agreement to specific bills for them to go to the President. The Volokh Conspiracy » Is the Slaughter Solution constitutional?
  • You did have what we call a quorum, more than half where they are voting. CNN Transcript Mar 20, 2005
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