1. calculator consisting of a cord with attached cords; used by ancient Peruvians for calculating and keeping records
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How To Use quipu In A Sentence

  • I wonder whether there might be lessons in the Incan calendar and quipus.
  • While the Inca developed a basic system of counting using bundled knotted strings known as quipu and an elaborate calendar, they did not use writing. Safehaven
  • It's possible that the majority of English speakers who know the word quipu pronounce it "kwipu", but most of them know it only as an obscure piece of historical trivia. languagehat.com: QUIPU.
  • Really, the word quipu scarcely enters the English language at all, unlike quinine or the edible seed quinoa, which if its current popularity continues may well end up pronounced kwiNOa in English KEENwah is preferred for the time being. languagehat.com: QUIPU.
  • The quipu is made from different metals, mostly copper, some silver, one or two gold. INCA GOLD
  • A quipu was a cord two feet long, composed of differently coloured threads twisted together, from which were hung a number of smaller threads, also differently coloured and tied in knots. The Red True Story Book
  • These runners carried oral messages, small packages, or quipus (Incan counting devices made from strings with a series of knots in them) from village to village and from the capital to all parts of the empire.
  • The "quipu," a knotted reckoning-cord, was in use in Peru and in China. Atlantis : the antediluvian world
  • The Inca, who had no written language, used the quipu - a device made of a series of strings with colored knots - to record census findings and tallies of animal herds and other resources.
  • They did not have a written language; instead they used a cord with beads on it, called "quipu", used to record government business. Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]
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