How To Use Quintal In A Sentence

  • ‘We get about five to six quintals per acre of jowar which lasts for six months,’ he says.
  • In the process, they are making huge profits at the cost of the human health because the damaged wheat has been sold between Rs 120 and Rs 400 per quintal while the fresh wheat is ruling at Rs 750 per quintal in the open market these days.
  • To thresh one quintal of grain from the sheaves would otherwise cost Rs 100.
  • The recent harvest fetched one tonne per hectare in the irrigated areas and 7.5 quintal per hectare in rain-fed areas.
  • _fanegada_ -- about one and three-quarters acres of land -- and it is calculated that an average annual yield for such a _fanegada_ should be about twenty quintals, a little more than 2,032 pounds of merchantable coffee. All About Coffee
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  • In the Parisian basin, the average output was 15 quintals per hectare, but in the rest of the kingdom it stood at only 8 to 12.
  • Each supply slip entitles a farmer to deliver 42 quintals of cane.
  • An Indian authority cited four and a half quintal (four hundredweight) of wood for an open-air cremation.
  • I never said that I expected 15 quintals per acre.
  • [quintals] of tubers, fruit, and vegetables are needed to supersaturate-not saturate but supersaturate-the market in Havana. Castro Addresses UJC Congress Closing Session
  • Abu Sir to be brought before him, with his elbows pinioned, sent for his Sea-captain and said to him, Take this villain and set him in a sack with two quintals of lime unslacked and tie its mouth over his head. The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night
  • Farmers like him prefer to grow hill cotton as it gets them good money, up to Rs.2,800 a quintal, and the expenses and effort are low as compared to chillies, for instance, which cost Rs.5,000 per acre to produce.
  • He says the university has made considerable progress in providing quality seeds to farmers, with the production going up from 2,500 quintals four years ago to 20,000 quintals now.
  • Quintalate di effetti speciali e un budget immane, “per spingerci a pensare alla quantità di energia che ogni giorni ci arriva dal Sole.” No Fat Clips!!! : Hail: The Return of the Sun
  • ‘We get about five to six quintals per acre of jowar which lasts for six months,’ says Belsare.
  • In the last three years, the average yield went up from five quintals a hectare to 12 quintals.
  • Cottonseeds treated with this would yield 20 quintals per acre, a quantity farmers do not dream of even with the best of the BT-Cotton seeds.
  • When I went on board ship with the Bailo Jean Dona, I found another case given to me by him, containing two quintals of the best Mocha coffee, one hundred pounds of tobacco leaves, two large flagons filled, one with Zabandi tobacco, the other with camussa, and a magnificent pipe tube of jessamine wood, covered with gold filigrane, which I sold in Corfu for one hundred sequins. The memoirs of Jacques Casanova de Seingalt
  • It gives us 3,000 quintals of sugar and it produces "x" quantity of bagasse, which is used in the central's operation. INAUGURATION OF THE YEAST PLANT-SUGAR MILL
  • Due to decrease in the area under cane crop the mill may possibly receive only six lakh quintals of sugarcane this season, whereas in 2000-01 the mill got 36 lakh quintals.
  • Farmers object to the Agriculture Ministry's fixing of prices for a quintal of rice at $14.50 and corn at $7.50.
  • This increase will be of approximately -- taking into account increases and other measures of which I will speak later -- 11.57 (presumably pesos -- ed.) per quintal of low grade coffee, (? and) 13.62 per quintal of what we call washed coffee. (as heard) SANTIAGO COFFEE GROWERS
  • But the quintal, or hundredweight, of this old ironware is there valued but at the price of a cantle of bread, and yet they have but a very bad despatch and riddance in the sale of it. Five books of the lives, heroic deeds and sayings of Gargantua and his son Pantagruel
  • In 1861 not one person reported producing any quintals offish.
  • This year he got eight quintals of areca from his garden, which he sold for Rs.50,000, but even that was not enough to fulfil his interest commitments to the society.
  • The two manufactures produce about three Kantars, or fifteen or sixteen quintals per month of saltpetre, which is sold at about fifteen shillings per quintal. Travels in Syria and the Holy Land
  • Aleppo weight, and 19 manas and one 4 part of Balsara, answereth the quintall of Aleppo, which is 494 roues, 8 ounces English, and The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation

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