How To Use Quincentenary In A Sentence

  • London: The Royal Academy's best rooms look even more handsome than usual with the installation of "Andrea Palladio: His Life and Legacy," an exhibition celebrating the quincentenary of the influential architect's birth. Palladio's Oeuvre: Majestic, Beautiful, But Also Functional
  • Many books, published just before the quincentenary of Columbus's arrival in this continent in 1492, ignore the destructive influence of Columbus's arrival.
  • The reason for the film was the celebration of OUP's quincentenary -- 1478 to 1978, with a special logo and all; it seemed to be a good excuse to celebrate OUP's eccentricity and gentlemanly amateurishness combined with some rather downplayed commercial sense. Old films a go go
  • A few years ago, writing a biography of Christopher Columbus for the quincentenary of his discoveries, I came across a wonderful Spanish term - querencia - usually translated as ‘love of home’.
  • The quincentenary is a significant public event and the Royal Mail has a tradition of recognising significant institutions who have contributed to the public good.
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  • The Magic Voyage, a film from director Michael Schoemann, released in conjunction with the quincentenary of Columbus's "discovery" of America. Getting Medieval with Dom DeLuise (1933-2009)
  • Hoping to repeat the ratings of last year's "The Civil War," as well as steal a jump on the Columbus quincentenary hoopla, public TV has produced the kind of epic documentary the networks long ago abandoned. Rediscovering America
  • The series goes a long way toward explaining, if inadvertently, why the quincentenary turned into a fiasco.
  • 1992 marked the quincentenary of Columbus' first landfall in America, and led to a spate of conferences, exhibitions, and books reflecting on the complex legacy of the Genoese navigator's voyage.
  • Commissioned for the quincentenary of Christopher Columbus's journey to the New World, "The Voyage" sailed into the Met right on schedule last week, exactly 500 years after the famous landing. Santa Maria And Spaceships
  • Despite being a quincentenary event it was also a no-frills affair: no shirt-waving or mamba-style encores here. Belshazzar's Feast; Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Christmas project – review
  • Published to coincide with Columbus's rather sour quincentenary, The Discovery of America, a handsomely produced album of over two hundred works by Saul Steinberg, made a rather melancholy impression upon this peruser, the causes of which I will try to discover. What He Didn't Tell the New Kitty
  • But in 1992, there were essentially no national or regional celebrations to mark an extraordinary numerical anniversary: the quincentenary of the European discovery of the New World. Gary S. Chafetz: Review of Casino Jack and the United States of Money by Alex Gibney
  • An infamous example was the quincentenary of Columbus in Santo Domingo in 1992.
  • The exhibition coincides with the quincentenary of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

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