[ UK /kwˈa‍ɪ‍ət/ ]
[ US /ˈkwaɪət/ ]
  1. a period of calm weather
    there was a lull in the storm
  2. an untroubled state; free from disturbances
  3. the absence of sound
    the street was quiet
    he needed silence in order to sleep
  4. a disposition free from stress or emotion
  1. become quiet or quieter
    The audience fell silent when the speaker entered
  2. make calm or still
    quiet the dragons of worry and fear
  1. (of a body of water) free from disturbance by heavy waves
    the quiet waters of a lagoon
    scarcely a ripple on the still water
    a smooth channel crossing
    unruffled water
    a lake of tranquil blue water reflecting a tranquil blue sky
    a ribbon of sand between the angry sea and the placid bay
  2. not showy or obtrusive
    clothes in quiet good taste
  3. (of the sun) characterized by a low level of surface phenomena, such as sunspots
  4. characterized by an absence or near absence of agitation or activity
    a quiet life
    the factions remained quiet for almost 10 years
    quiet peace-loving people
    a quiet throng of onlookers
  5. free of noise or uproar; or making little if any sound
    the room was dark and quiet
    a quiet audience at the concert
  6. in a softened tone
    hushed voices
    muted trumpets
    muted trumpets
    a quiet reprimand
    a subdued whisper
  1. with little or no activity or no agitation (`quiet' is a nonstandard variant for `quietly')
    sit here as quiet as you can
    the rock star was quietly led out the back door
    her hands rested quietly in her lap
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How To Use quiet In A Sentence

  • She is simply bartering goodies in return for comparative quietness.
  • Jim had hustled over quietly and begun to help out with the horseshoeing, expecting ridicule from the likes of Hugh Glass or old Zeke Williams, who had just arrived at the rendezvous, but, to his surprise, the fact that he was married to a woman of such pure fire produced the very opposite of the effect he had feared. The Berrybender Narratives
  • Now the word "prayer" to non-Muslim readers will evoke an image of people perhaps silently clasping their hands together, leaning forward in a pew, and either silently, to themselves, or in a quiet tone, speaking heartfeltly to God. David Horowitz Freedom Center
  • Open, and I was quietly confident that I would have a chance, said Leaney, who was forced to change caddies after his original caddie, Justin Hoyle, fell ill after the first round. USATODAY.com - Leaney's second at U.S. Open earns PGA Tour card
  • Now, you two, that's quite enough. Sit down and be quiet.
  • Often he found her quietly weeping, but they were never tears of accusation; only tears of regret.
  • Together, they were able to mollify workers and quietly implement the destruction of thousands of jobs.
  • Baker's style is to prearrange deals by patiently and quietly lining up the parties before going public. The Rescue Squad
  • Since when did her quiet, passive, obedient brother ever command anyone?
  • Once upon a time there was an old sow of impeccable reputation who lived a quiet life inside a busy farmyard. Times, Sunday Times
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