[ US /ˈkwɛɫd/ ]
[ UK /kwˈɛld/ ]
  1. subdued or overcome
    a squelched rumor
    the quelled rebellion
    an uprising quenched almost before it started
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How To Use quelled In A Sentence

  • His decision to spare the soldier initiates a near mutiny that is quelled only when the captain finally reveals something about his civilian life, becoming a real person to his men instead of an epigone of orders and chain of command.
  • If nothing else, it might have quelled the widespread suspicion that the incident had been covered up.
  • Bersih 1.0 came before the 2008 general election, but then-Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi quelled it using teargas. Paranoia in Penang
  • The regime, U.S.-backed Tunisian dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali has been the target of a nationwide popular uprising in recent weeks, which neither shooting into crowds of unarmed demonstrators nor promised reforms has thus far quelled. Stephen Zunes: U.S. Backs Tunisian Dictatorship in Face of Pro-Democracy Uprising
  • Problems that have, for the most part, have been, well, described as quelled, although there still have been some internal problems. CNN Transcript Mar 11, 2007
  • This, in turn, was quelled, and a curious quiet reigned again as the deputies from the nobles made their appearance in their rich dress, with cloak gold-faced, white silk stockings, and beplumed hat. Calvert of Strathore
  • For a while it seemed that the government had quelled radical groups, but this has only lulled us into a sense of false security.
  • A CIVILIZATION B SCIENCE/TECH C GOVERNMENT D RELIGION E SOCIOECONOMICS A Akkad B metallurgy walled cities irrigation C strong centraL authority controlled several city-states and kept peace (for a while) quelled dissent with violence D polytheistic tradition centered on city gods, fertility goddess and harvest deities hepatoscopy (examining sheep livers for omens) When The Comet Flew Through Ancient Evenings
  • Troops eventually quelled the unrest.
  • She justified her request that Lady Tyrwitt be replaced as her governess "bicause ... the people wil say that I deserved throwgh my lewde demenure" to have a new governess. 133 In this same letter, she thanked Somerset for authorizing the Privy Council to issue orders that the "ivel reportes" about her be quelled. From Heads of Household to Heads of State: The Preaccession Households of Mary and Elizabeth Tudor, 1516-1558
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