How To Use Quaternion In A Sentence

  • The quaternion theory functions in Bacon's thought as a constructive element for constituting his own theory of planetary movement and a general theory of physics. Francis Bacon
  • Quaternion definition and geometry meaning were described and quaternion movement equation was introduced.
  • Of arithmetic expressions and assignment statements and generate semantic analysis of quaternion sequence.
  • The cooperative control law for multiple rigid body systems is designed. Numerical results show the attitude quaternion of every rigid body can be controlled to convergently approach its stable value.
  • The Dirac equation is essentially the “square root” of the Klein-Gordon equation in a quaternionic form. Dark Matter: Still Dark.
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  • Go to the use of a better (higher group symmetry) modern electrodynamics model (such as quaternion electrodynamics, very close to Maxwell's original theory), and the operation of such asymmetric systems now is included (as it was and is in Maxwell's original 20 quaternion-like equations in 20 unknowns).
  • Recall that when Hamilton passed from complex numbers to quaternions, multiplication lost one of its normal properties: commutativity.
  • Outside the quaternion were the dancing Pauppukkeewis, the Whirlwind, and the fierce and shifty hero, Monobozho, the North-West Nature Mysticism
  • Bacon's bi-quaternion theory necessarily refers to the sublunary as well as to the superlunary world. Francis Bacon
  • But we would maintain, nevertheless, that it is the identical book, and explain this variation in the description by the circumstance that the library having, in the space of nearly two centuries, been materially enriched, numerous works, consisting in many cases only of a single "quaternion," were inserted in the volumes already existing. Notes and Queries, Number 02, November 10, 1849
  • Working engineers and leading scientists focused upon Heaviside's vector interpretation of Maxwell's difficult quaternionic expressions. Chapter 4
  • One sees that, if we would capture gravitation in a vector mathematics theory of EM, we must again restore the scalar term and convert the vector to a quaternion, so that one captures the quaternionically infolded stresses. Chapter 4
  • With the availability of excellent and extensive expositions of the vector interpretation of the translation force-field subset of Maxwell's theory by Heaviside and Hertz, and with the nearly insurmountable difficulty associated with the complex quaternions and potentials which few scientists understood, the rejection of the quaternionic form of Maxwell's theory and the acceptance of the vector subset was inevitable. Chapter 4
  • I am not likely to attempt your quaternion of colour very soon.
  • Yet this strange configuration to the CMB might be a signature of the quaternionic structure of the universe in the inflationary or pre-inflationary phase. The Lopsided Universe
  • Quaternion for orchestra and piano/celesta explores four different ways of combining the orchestra with the piano (replaced by celesta in the second movement).
  • The two figural miniatures and all the canon tables are contained on a separate gathering, a quaternion, physically joined together.
  • Maxwell's compact and powerful quaternionic expression of the general equations of the electromagnetic field are given in Article 619, Vol. 2, p. 258 of his Treatise. Chapter 4
  • In [[mathematics]], a '' 'quaternion' '' is a four-dimensional [[object]] important in Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]
  • The method of adjusting screen - coordinate and object - coordinate of plane model with quaternion is discussed.
  • First, according to the tracking error dynamics and kinematics described by unit quaternion error and angular velocity error, a sliding mode controller is derived based on Lyapunov theory.
  • All the existing Methods : Utilize quaternion algebra to iteratively compute M - sets'boundaries.
  • Two other papers which he published in the same year in publications of the Royal Society of Edinburgh were on the scalar functions of a vector and on an application of quaternions to differential equations.
  • If we can detect N = 4 SUSY quaternionic or 16 supersymmetries in the Clifford algebra CL_16, most likely in a broken symmetry phase, we would be in great shape! First Collisions for the LHC | Universe Today
  • Unfortunately, the electrogravitational implications of Whittaker's profound work were not recognized and followed up, and their connection to Maxwell's quaternionic EM theory was not noticed nor examined. Chapter 4
  • ● Piron's result: from elementary questions recover the geometry of the Hilbert space (over the reals, complex, and quaternionic numbers). Recently Uploaded Slideshows
  • Shortly after Hamilton's discovery of the quaternions his personal life started to prey on his mind again.
  • Whence it appears that in the structure of the universe the motions of living creatures are generally effected by a quaternion of limbs or of bendings. The New Organon
  • The play of chances which brings up a ternion or a quaternion is nothing compared to what has been required to prevent the combination of which I am reaping the fruits from being disturbed. Recollections of My Youth
  • You have to give up commutativity to get the quaternions. The Volokh Conspiracy » Yow!
  • We will focus on the 120, which are a representation of quaternionic fields. The Lopsided Universe
  • His work in algebraic number theory led him to study the quaternions and generalisations such as Clifford algebras.
  • It happens we both suffer from quaternion headaches, though his remedy, cold beet, was one I have not yet tried. Caledonian Excavations
  • Hurwitz published a paper on a factorisation theory for integer quaternions in 1896 and applied it to the problem of representing an integer as the sum of four squares.
  • If the four manifold is a 4-sphere then the 3-homology sphere bounds both of then and there is then a quaternionic structure in the whole 4-space. The Lopsided Universe
  • Later on, in 1858, Bellavitis included the system of quaternions into his geometric calculus.
  • His work in algebraic number theory led him to study the quaternions and generalisations such as Clifford algebras.
  • And when he had apprehended him, he put him in prison, and delivered him to four quaternions of soldiers to keep him; intending after Easter to bring him forth to the people.
  • Farther he avers the virtue of ten consists in the quaternion; the reason whereof is this, — if any person start from one, and add numbers so as to take in the quaternary, he shall complete the number ten; if he passes the four, he shall go beyond the ten; for one, two, three, and four being added up together make ten. Essays and Miscellanies

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