How To Use Quasi-religious In A Sentence

  • They took a quasi-religious attitude to Confucius, worshipping him as ‘the uncrowned king’ rather than respecting him simply as the greatest of teachers.
  • After more than a decade in which the balanced budget had assumed quasi-religious status, many were suddenly converted to the necessity of a major dose of deficit spending.
  • There's a quasi-religious, Gospel feel about it all as grown women clap and cheer.
  • But it ` s definitely being tied as a sort of quasi-religious or even satanic -- the word satanic has also been used ritual connected to Halloween night. CNN Transcript Nov 3, 2008
  • I don't think too many folks these days, even those of us of the Marxish persuasion, believe in some essentialist notion of "progress," with its quasi-religious teleology and its unilinear social-evolutionary implications. Archive 2008-07-01
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  • The term brings to mind satanic rituals, but in fact merely is defined by Webster's Dictionary as "a quasi-religious group, often living in a colony, with a charismatic leader who indoctrinates members with unorthodox or extremist views, practices or beliefs. The Seattle Times
  • Abductee reports thereafter frequently involved angry, preachy aliens, often with quasi-religious demands. Times, Sunday Times
  • But the group didn't stop there, as the entire concoction's tied together by a quasi-religious theme of traveling home under the watchful eye of Mother Mary.
  • You could call it space-age jazz rock with a hint (on the title track) of medieval, quasi-religious chanting. The Sun
  • Could it also be that our defiant devotion to our favorite stupefacient, combined with the effects of said stupefacient, invites us to dream up quasi-religious justifications for getting zonked four times a day as a sort of sacramental ritual? North Coast Journal Comments
  • Shulevitz then discusses Michael Ruse's contention that there's a quasi-religious movement among scientists called "evolutionism," which apparently is a "partly secularized postmillennialist" movement. Hullabaloo
  • You could call it space-age jazz rock with a hint (on the title track) of medieval, quasi-religious chanting. The Sun
  • His religious conversion came on Christmas Eve, when he went to Notre Dame during vespers in search of what he called ‘decadent exercises’: the quasi-religious tropes of which the symbolist poets were fond.
  • These musicians were less secular stars than quasi-religious figures, and their fans often referred to them with godly reverence.
  • The flame is a quasi-religious emblem of immortality.
  • Rather than locating us among the quasi-religious free thought groups or at the left flank of mainline Protestantism, A Handbook of Living Religions treats Unitarian Universalism as one of several marginal traditions related to Christianity: “There are movements which are only intelligible in relation to Christian faith, but which do not clearly have the marks of historic Christianity” 112. Philocrites: Unitarian Universalism: In search of a definition

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