[ UK /kwˈe‍ɪzɑː/ ]
[ US /ˈkweɪzɑɹ/ ]
  1. a starlike object that may send out radio waves and other forms of energy; many have large red shifts
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How To Use quasar In A Sentence

  • The questions all begin to bleed together, and I find myself wanting to talk about quasars or stag beetles or plate tectonics or just about anything at all except my books and writing. "Bathsheba of my choosing"
  • It is the biggest black hole in the known universe and powers the brightest quasar in the cosmos. Times, Sunday Times
  • However, there are larger explosions, notably those that go on in the middle of active galactic nucleii, like quasars.
  • In essence the galaxy is eclipsing the quasar, but paradoxically its gravitational lens effect brightens the light received from the latter.
  • Pulsars and quasars may turn out to be commonplace in comparison to the exotic astrophysical events that gravity wave astronomy reveals.
  • In order to be visible at all at the huge distances implied by their redshifts, quasars must produce prodigious amounts of energy.
  • Now, of course, I knew that most astronomers think a quasar is a black hole with matter falling into it from an accretion disk, and that for some reason it is ejecting charged particles along its magnetic poles.
  • In this paper a statistical investigation has been made on the redshift-magnitude relation of quasars with radio components structure.
  • The astronomers speculate that quasars were ignited as blackholes grew by swallowing large quantities of cold, dense gas.
  • Quasars are extremely bright, remote objects that are often referred to as a "galactic nucleus" and emit incredible amounts of energy. CNET News.com
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