How To Use Quartering In A Sentence

  • It is to be observed that _Bordures_ and _Tressures_, which are not affected by Quartering, are _dimidiated by Impalement_, -- that is, that side of both a Bordure and a Tressure which adjoins the line of The Handbook to English Heraldry
  • The frustrations of the poor provincial nobles was one factor leading to to the famous Ségur law of 1781, which required four quarterings of nobility in order to become an officer.
  • The Scottish business community is ecstatic because, after being hanged and drawn, its quartering has been postponed for a twelvemonth.
  • They were quartering the area, methodically searching the rugged terrain.
  • A common way to move a brigade support area is to send out a quartering party to establish a new operating area before moving the main body.
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  • Scalia, Stevens said, concluded in his opinion that the Eighth Amendment prohibited specific kinds of punishments, including drawing and quartering and disembowelment, "but contained no requirement that the punishment fit the crime. Justice Alito Will Not Attend Obama's State Of The Union
  • Visually quartering the room, he located the tantalus, crossed to it, poured a large measure of brandy into a crystal glass. The Perfect Lover
  • The Angolan government set up quartering centres, expecting 55,000 UNITA troops to give themselves up.
  • At Fonthill the crest and the thirty-six quarterings of Beckford's full coat-of-arms were blazoned on the carpets and painted glass windows.
  • A single unpaved avenue split the town down the middle, from north to south, the river quartering it east to west.
  • The U.S. Constitution specifically prohibited the European practice of quartering soldiers in private homes.
  • It should suffice to note that marshalling of arms is generally accomplished by either: dimidiation, impalement, quartering or superimposition.
  • The marechal des logis was the administrative officer responsible for encamping and quartering troops.
  • I appreciate that there are many circumstances in the service where being gay doesn't have any effect on the service being performed, but as the former skipper of as ship, responsible for the well being of my crew, considering the close quartering of sailors abord a ship for often long periods, I find such a concept difficult to accept. Sound Politics: The Closet Is No Place For A Gay Soldier
  • You're halving then quartering a bucked section of oak with the splitting maul.
  • Here each piece [of the quartering] takes the form of the mystic fylfot, or gammadion.
  • 'attainder of treason' -- to prohibit forfeiture in perpetuity of property of every sort, no less than 'bills of attainder,' 'corruption of blood,' and barbarities of punishment, such as disembowelling, quartering, etc. The Continental Monthly, Vol. 5, No. 1, January, 1864
  • Sometimes he contrived, in defiance of the law, to live by coshering, that is to say, by quartering himself on the old tenants of his family, who, wretched as was their own condition, could not refuse a portion of their pittance to one whom they still regarded as their rightful lord. The History of England, from the Accession of James II — Volume 2
  • It depicts a massive Cape buffalo quartering through low scrub and staring at the viewer.
  • At Fonthill the crest and the thirty-six quarterings of Beckford's full coat-of-arms were blazoned on the carpets and painted glass windows.
  • As you are halving it, you introduce the following wedge to free up the starting wedge, which you then use to begin quartering the log while keeping the halves yet relatively intact, for stability.
  • The quartering of soldiers upon peasants and citizens generated severe altercations, mostly concerning rations and pay.
  • “compound quartering,” and quarters A, D are _quarters quarterly_, and B is _a quarter quarterly of six_, while C remains unaffected by the secondary process. The Handbook to English Heraldry
  • It was de-stoning and quartering the dates that took so long.
  • Hisroyal master, King Wilhelm, was a profound legitimist; the old King was bound by intimate ties to each of the princely houses of Germany, and he felt the deepest reverencefor the traditions and prerogatives, for the very pedigrees and quarterings, of the venerable dynasties. FORGE OF EMPIRES 1861-1871
  • At the head of the party rode the Earl and his brother side by side, each clad cap-a-pie in a suit of Milan armor, the cuirass of each covered with a velvet juppon embroidered in silver with the arms and quarterings of the Beaumonts. Men of Iron
  • They actually went aloft, set top-gallant-sails, royals, and skysails, and trimmed the yards to the quartering breeze.
  • Webster's dictionary defines logistics as ‘the branch of military science having to do with moving, supplying and quartering troops.’
  • As we enjoyed watching hundreds of them flying in to a stubble field to rest and doze in the midday sun, my wife spotted a ring-tail hen harrier quartering a beet field yet to be harvested.
  • Whilst setting up, I noticed a Black Kite quartering the river and it was not until much later that I found out that this was a rare sighting.
  • Otters live here, and you may spy buzzards quartering above the bare branches. Times, Sunday Times
  • A purely spatial focus, they argue, is limiting because it encourages static conceptions of walling and quartering.
  • The aasvogel on watch up there far out of the range of man's vision had seen the deed, and, by sinking downwards, signalled it to his companions that were quartering the sky for fifty miles round; for these birds prey by sight, not by smell. Marie An Episode in The Life of the late Allan Quatermain
  • In November, English recruiting officers appeared in Boston, and the Assembly and the Boston magistrates forbade any recruiting or any quartering of troops in the town.
  • It also instigated the quartering of refugees near their homeland, making it increasingly impossible for those needing protection to lodge an asylum application in Germany.
  • In this case, dissection took the place of quartering; it was likewise viewed as a form of supplementary punishment, a further mark of infamy, inflicted on the criminal after death.
  • In 1776, the American colonials indicted the king ‘for quartering large bodies of armed troops among us.’
  • Staunchly imperialist, he is a living manifestation of quintessential Englishness, a living descendant of people with blue blood, noble quarterings, and the right school tie.
  • SOMERSET), differenced _Beaufort_, No. 361, with a _silver bendlet sinister_, as in No. 362, the bendlet covering the quarterings, but being included within the bordure. The Handbook to English Heraldry
  • Attempts at forcible conversion involved the quartering of troops - often dragoons, hence dragonnades - on Huguenot households.
  • The devices of ornament can amplify, by doubling and redoubling or other types of repetition and variation, these degrees of status as in heraldic quarterings and the chevrons of rank.
  • I halved the butter lengthwise, flipped it over, halved it again (thus quartering it).
  • The contributions of each village household for the quartering, re-equipment of the cavalry, and public works at Corinth were decided by the village elders in consultation with the syndics of the comunita.
  • Thus it is difficult to prove that the heraldry is the origin of totemism, which is just as likely, or more likely, to have been the origin of savage heraldic crests and quarterings. Modern Mythology
  • The plane, like a persistent bird dog, was quartering the coastline, sniffing for the scent. CORMORANT
  • It bears the coat of the Vyells (gules, a fesse raguly argent) with no less than twenty-four quarterings: for an Odo of the name had fought on the winning side at Hastings, and his descendants, settling in the West, had held estates there and been people of importance ever since. Lady Good-for-Nothing
  • In quartersawing, lumber is produced by first quartering the log and then sawing perpendicular to the growth rings.
  • Following extant written sources, this process has been seen in relation to the quartering of troops that occurred during the war between the Byzantines and the Goths, or simply as the result of occupation by squatters.
  • These novelists celebrated not just the pleasures of the table but also the joy of the hunt, the quartering and smoking of great sides of game.
  • As Sir Benjamin told Parliament, this was gender inequality, for men convicted of the same offenses were no longer subject to drawing and quartering and ‘women should not receive a more dreadful punishment than men’.
  • Public service in this period included personal services such as labor on the fortifications being built at the isthmus of Corinth and the quartering and provisioning of dragoons and their mounts in the villages in the winter months.
  • Such laxness contrasts with, for example, the Bavarian Order of St George, which still demands 16 quarterings of nobility.
  • West Indies, and they have as many quarterings as a German prince, in his coat of arms; a quadroon looks down upon a mulatto, while a mulatto looks down upon a sambo, that is, half mulatto half negro, while a sambo in his turn looks down upon a nigger. Peter Simple
  • Indeed, I reserve the rest of the piece until I can obtain admission to the Bannatine Club, 13 when I propose to throw off an edition, limited according to the rules of that erudite Society, with a facsimile of the manuscript, emblazonry of the family arms surrounded by their quartering, and a handsome disclamation of family pride, with HAEC NOS NOVIMUS ESSE Chronicles of the Canongate
  • Having consolidated the line between the Catholic south and the rebellious north, he set about quartering the United Provinces by capturing strategic towns in a long succession of sieges.
  • Book now for your tickets to the hanging, drawing and quartering.
  • The targets may be incoming, outgoing, crossing right-and-left, at different speeds, at different heights, while quartering and dropping at the same time.
  • The quartering tailwind was not favorable for the landing runway, but it was nothing we hadn't dealt with before.
  • Both of these are big enough for quartering an elk or lopping off a ridge pole for your tent, yet they're sufficiently thin to do a good job of slicing bacon for the breakfast skillet.
  • Attempts at forcible conversion involved the quartering of troops - often dragoons, hence dragonnades - on Huguenot households.
  • I'm pretty sure some of my neighbors would still turn up for bear-baiting or a nice drawing and quartering if it were going on down at the town green. where I work...
  • Shylock chimes with the jewbaiting that followed the hanging and quartering of the queen's leech Lopez, his jew's heart being plucked forth while the sheeny was yet alive: _Hamlet_ and _Macbeth_ with the coming to the throne of a Scotch philosophaster with a turn for witchroasting. Ulysses
  • No more burnings at the stake, no more drawing and quartering, but true freedom to worship.
  • Traditionally a cross was cut into the dough, which helped in the even baking of the bread and assisted in the quartering of the loaf afterwards.
  • Most people consider it as much an anachronism as the Third Amendment (which deals with "quartering troops"), but with the conservative bent of the current Supreme Court, who knows how they would rule on a state which decided to "nullify" a federal healthcare system? Chris Weigant: Emerging GOP Theme: Nullification
  • In 1703 the provveditore of New Navarino noted that he would raise these from those villages not currently contributing to the quartering of dragoons.
  • If the 3rd amendment were repealed (probably no big deal since quartering is no longer an issue), would that necessarily affect the right to abortion?
  • I certainly am glad that the US Constitution forbids quartering of soldiers in my house.
  • I've only heard rumors of you, Amseth, and was delightfully shocked to see you quartering here, in my mistress' home.
  • With opportunities for economic growth and municipal development always a priority, the commissioners wished to prove to the military that Mobile was a suitable location for quartering and training troops.
  • It was then that I started developing my ideas on the reintroduction of hanging, drawing and quartering for political crimes against the people.
  • Do the same for roast potatoes by quartering them instead.
  • They have proven themselves incorrigible; drawing and quartering would be too good for them.
  • My springer is becoming solid in the field (obaying all wistle, voice, hand commands retrieving all off quartering (and turning on the whistle, voice, hand, etc.) and just learned bending. Does Your Pup Have What It Takes?
  • Four companies have divided the work among them, quartering the site.
  • The arms of Duncan Campbell, as preserved in the hands of his descendants, are identical in their quarterings with the Marquis of Breadalbane, as follows: Quarterly, first and fourth, gyronny of eight or. and sa. for Campbell; second or. a fesse chequey ar. and az. for Stewart; third, ar. a lymphad, her sails and oars in action, all sa. for Lorne. Virginia and Virginians
  • This sort of staff is crooked at one end, and is called lituus; they make use of it in quartering out the regions of the heavens when engaged in divination from the flight of birds; Romulus, who was himself a great diviner, made use of it. The Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans
  • With it are these quarterings: 2, a leopard's face g. entre five birds close s., three in chief, two in base. 3, az. a camel statant arg. Notes and Queries, Number 190, June 18, 1853 A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary Men, Artists, Antiquaries, Genealogists, etc.
  • I doubt that they thought the Third Amendment (limits on quartering soldiers) was more important than the Sixth (which includes the trial by jury).
  • There was no war here, no invasion, no curfews or quarterings.
  • Is it the unadorned simple man that you welcome to your bosom, or a thing of stars and garters, a patch of parchment, the minion of a throne, the lordling of twenty descents, in which each has been weaker than that before it, the hero of a scutcheon, whose glory is in his quarterings, and whose worldly wealth comes from the sweat of serfs whom the euphonism of an effete country has learned to decorate with the name of tenants? ' He Knew He Was Right

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