quantum mechanics

  1. the branch of quantum physics that accounts for matter at the atomic level; an extension of statistical mechanics based on quantum theory (especially the Pauli exclusion principle)
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How To Use quantum mechanics In A Sentence

  • Physicists like the mathematical beauty of string theory because it banishes the absurdities that pop up when quantum mechanics and gravity combine.
  • The Nobel laureate Richard Feynman once made a tentative suggestion that a theory uniting quantum mechanics and relativity might lead to an objective state reduction, and others have taken up and built on this idea.
  • Quantum mechanics, however, still remains far beyond the reach of Einstein's classicising imagination.
  • Working at about the same time, Heisenberg formulated matrix mechanics, which was the first complete and self-consistent theory of quantum mechanics.
  • But their grasp of quantum mechanics is notoriously weak. Times, Sunday Times
  • Yet later he admitted quantum mechanics doesn't contain any logical contradictions and is logically unexceptionable. Robert Lanza, M.D.: Could This Theory Provide A Glimpse Of Our Ultimate Destiny?
  • But this kind of blurring is not unique to quantum mechanics: the same happens to waves. Are Changes Brewing and How Does the Mind Fit In?
  • This "second observer" situation captures the core conceptual difficulty of the interpretation of quantum mechanics: reconciling the possibility of quantum superposition with the fact that the observed world is characterized by uniquely determined events q, q², q³, ¦. Relational Quantum Mechanics
  • Both quantum mechanics and chaos theory suggest a world constantly in flux.
  • B.when measured, unless the quantum state is an eigenstate of the measured observable A, the system does not possess any categorical property corresponding to A's having a specific value in the set B. Putnam seems to assume that a realist interpretation of (*) should consist in assigning to A some unknown value within B. for which quantum mechanics yields a non-trivial probability. Puppet X: 1
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