[ UK /kwˈɒntɪtˌe‍ɪtɪv/ ]
[ US /ˈkwɑntɪˌteɪtɪv/ ]
  1. expressible as a quantity or relating to or susceptible of measurement
    export wheat without quantitative limitations
    quantitative analysis determines the amounts and proportions of the chemical constituents of a substance or mixture
  2. relating to the measurement of quantity
    quantitative studies
  3. (of verse) having a metric system based on relative duration of syllables
    in typical Greek and Latin verse of the classical period the rhymic system is based on some arrangement of long and short elements
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How To Use quantitative In A Sentence

  • The argument behind x is not quantitative, and we do not have an expression for its expected value under a null isolation model.
  • ABC of agrobiology; the quantitative science of plant life and plant nutrition for gardeners, farmers and general readers.
  • A growing body of evidence supports the supposition that the quantitative depletion of mtDNA, once thought to be a consequence of type 2 diabetes, could be a causative factor in pathogenesis.
  • It has been shown that optical techniques can provide a quantitative measure of the fusibility of individual macerals.
  • We conclude that the quantitative and qualitative evidence supports the contention that increases in fluency are attributable mainly to increases in the degree of proceduralization of knowledge.
  • You probably feel at times like a chord of a conic section that passes through a focus and is parallel to the directrix, but know for certain that the phonemic differences between allormorphs of the same morpheme is supported by the idea that the quantitative measurement of many characters to the determination of taxa and to the construction of diagrams indicating systematic changes can make or break us. Trisomy
  • He said it was only a quantitative difference.
  • Quantitative growth ring analysis of fossil woods may be used only in well-constrained paleoecological studies where taxonomic and climatic sources of variability can be controlled, and additionally, of course, as a qualitative tool in paleoclimatic and paleoecological analyses. Supplementary Comments to NAS Panel « Climate Audit
  • The survey puts a 55% probability on it introducing quantitative easing. Times, Sunday Times
  • Much of the information and government decisions concerning goldenseal are based on anecdotal rather than quantitative information on population status.
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