[ UK /kwɒdɹˈuːn/ ]
  1. an offspring of a mulatto and a white parent; a person who is one-quarter black
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How To Use quadroon In A Sentence

  • In Louisiana or the West Indies she would have been called a quadroon, or more loosely, a creole; in North Carolina, where fine distinctions were not the rule in matters of color, she was sufficiently differentiated when described as a bright mulatto. The House Behind the Cedars
  • Anyone of less than ‘quarter-caste’ was a ‘native’ and subject to the Commissioner's and Minister's powers, but a quarter-caste or quadroon was not.
  • Two hundered years later, and we have once again social benefits being handed out differentially on the basis of whether or not one is “pure white” or a “quadroon” or a “octaroon,” or some other fragment of the racist imagination. The Volokh Conspiracy » Judicial Discussion of Facts as Endorsement of Their Relevance:
  • The harbormaster is a young man, a quadroon, and was attired in a dark blue coat, brilliant with tarnished gold shoulder straps and trimmings and buttons, while his head was ornamented with a white cork hat, from the back of which depended a "pugaree" (a scarf or veil of white cloth worn around the hat, and much affected by the bloods of the tropics.) The Liberian Exodus. An Account of Voyage of the First Emigrants in the Bark "Azor," and Their Reception at Monrovia, with a Description of Liberia--Its Customs and Civilization, Romances and Prospects.
  • Ah, was it Miss Dumont's -- that is, the quadroon's servant. Hatchie, the Guardian Slave; or, The Heiress of Bellevue
  • A quadroon is the child of a mestize mother and a white father, as a mestize is the child of a mulatto mother and a white father. The Journal of Negro History, Volume 2, 1917
  • No: not half black, only a quarter -- what they call a quadroon in the Olla Podrida
  • To her Spring also added about a dozen mustee and quadroon girls sent aboard by the brokers, who wanted them shipped to America where they were destined for the New Orleans brothels. Flash For Freedom
  • An inheritance from Wayles, the quadroon Hemings was house slave at Monticello.
  • The love of the quadroon was my source of pleasure; but, alas! pain predominated as my thoughts dwelt upon the Creole! The Quadroon Adventures in the Far West
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