How To Use Protoplast In A Sentence

  • For measurements, only root protoplasts with a dense cytoplasm and no, or little, vacuolation were selected.
  • Poly - L - Ornithine can change electric charge on the surface of protoplasts or foreign DNA.
  • The rest of my body stood up well to this assault but every few seconds I had the eerie sensation that I was back in my old body, a ghostly superimposition on the living protoplast, as the spinal chord projected its agony outward. Man Made
  • Because the unfertilized eggs are naked protoplasts lacking cell walls, unfertilized eggs were used for these experiments in order to give the antibodies unimpeded access to the cell.
  • And it bothered her to have him vanish just as the protoplast experiment was nearing its end. VALENTINE PONTIFEX
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  • The extent to which sugars move across the plasma membranes of embryo-derived protoplasts during isolation, suspension, and drying is not known and merits further investigation.
  • I came out of the chamber all protoplast except for the spinal zone. Man Made
  • A plasmid containing this 3.1 kb of wild-type genomic DNA was cotransfected with a trp1 plasmid into protoplasts isolated from an auxotrophic thn1 mutant strain.
  • Only mononuclear protoplasts were capable of complete cell wall regeneration and mitotic division.
  • A single cell culture, based on protoplasts that were isolated from the leaf mesophyll of tobacco, was used.
  • Since the recombinant DNA is a naked DNA molecule, gene transfer systems based on protoplast transformation and electroporation are most applicable in genetic engineering experiments. 1 Upgrading Traditional Biotechnological Processes
  • In sum, technologies such as tissue culture, anther culture, embryo rescue, protoplast fusion, and genetic markers are likely to bring undreamed of breakthroughs that will transform Africa's native grains. 13. Other Cultivated Grains
  • To isolate protoplasts, the embryonic axes were chopped into small pieces using a razor blade.
  • One stage at which the process may break down is the regeneration of plants from the fused protoplasts.
  • The findings of this study revealed for the first time in angiosperm cells that plasmolysis triggers an extensive reorganization of the AF cytoskeleton, which is involved in the regulation of protoplast shape and volume.
  • Choosing the specific depressor of mercapto-iodoacetamide (IAM) to destroy the geotrichum candidium of protoplast.
  • The hydrostatic pressure model proposes that statocytes detect the total weight exerted by the protoplast on its cell wall.
  • Protoplasted monokapyon(PM) were prepared from Lentinus edodes strains Jingxuan and Wuxiang, respectively, intercross process were put in practice.
  • As a matter of fact, Planning Center preferred people in my condition; protoplast limbs were more durable than the real -- no, let us say the original -- thing. Man Made
  • Fortunately the time was already past when protoplast patients were looked upon as something mildly freakish and to be pitied. Man Made
  • Several teams have managed to regenerate fertile rice plants from protoplast-cells from which the wall has been removed. 1. African Rice
  • First, they contained variable proportions of transformed and untransformed nuclei because protoplasts are often plurinucleate.
  • Approximately 50% of the antheridial primordial protoplasts obtained by enzymatic isolation were found to be viable.
  • The death has occurred of Adam, protoplast, progenitor, park-keeper and agriculturalist. It is interesting that Sir George Young took the opportunity...
  • Low survival was obtained after drying protoplasts with monosaccharides and pure raffinose.
  • In this plasmolysed cell the protoplast has suffered very intense shrinkage.
  • The method enabled the analysis of ionic currents of laticifer protoplasts of Hevea brasiliensis, root hair cells of Medicago sativa and guard cells of several species.
  • A single cell culture, based on protoplasts that were isolated from the leaf mesophyll of tobacco, was used.
  • Protoplasts showing bright fluorescence were counted as viable.
  • Maximal survival was obtained after drying protoplasts with a mixture of sucrose and raffinose, while pure sucrose and trehalose were somewhat less effective protectants.
  • The preparation and regeneration of protoplast from Pleurotus djamor and the screening of protoplast regenerating strains were studied.
  • To investigate the molecular mechanism underlying the effects of oxidative stress on plant growth reorientation, the effects of alloxan on isolated leaf protoplasts were studied.
  • Cell and protoplast culture are new developments for an efficient screening system for mutations. 1. Household gardening projects in asia: past experience and future directions
  • In competition experiments, glucose uptake by uninfected protoplasts was not affected by fructose.
  • The present experiment found that the "lag phase" of photosynthesis existed in all the tissues studied, such as intact leaves, leaf fragments, mesophyll cells, protoplasts and chloroplasts.
  • He furrowed his protoplast brow that looked as youthful as it had a century ago. Man Made
  • These protoplasts had a thick cytoplasm with numerous plastids and mitochondria.
  • Fibres are often described as cells having no living protoplasts at maturity.
  • Table 2 shows the percentage of protoplasts that expanded and burst due to the reduction in osmotic pressure of the medium by successive dilution of the sucrose content.
  • Adventitious buds have been induced from protoplast culture, on leaf explants and on strips of stem.
  • From this dikaryon, the two progenitor haploid genomes were recovered by protoplast formation and regeneration.
  • Essential for its use as a marker in protoplast fusion is its ease of detection by illuminating live cells or tissues at the appropriate excitation wavelength.
  • Sivan A, Arad SM (1993) Induction and characterization of pigment mutants in the red microalga Sivan A, Thomas JC, Dubacq JP, Moppes D, Arad S (1995) Protoplast fusion and genetic complementation of pigment mutations in the red microalga Suter GW, Mazzola P, Wendler J, Holzwarth AR (1984) Fluorescence decay kinetics in phycobilisomes isolated from the bluegreen alga PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
  • The investigators derived the protoplasts from GAS by treating the GAS with phage lysin (described below) in a hypertonic medium, to prevent lysis.
  • As these species are cross-incompatible, the only way to obtain such intergeneric hybrids is protoplast fusion and somatic hybridization.
  • The characters of parents, such as morphology of colony, growth rate of mycelium and auxotroph, were maintained in protoplasted monokaryon.
  • Elements that had been located within the protoplasts (intracellular fraction) were solubilized by digestion with concentrated nitric acid.
  • To determine the robustness of these interlinked chromoplasts, protoplasts were made from ripe pericarp fruit tissue and examined for chromoplast-associated GFP fluorescence.
  • It has been shown previously that infected and uninfected nodule protoplasts isolated according to this protocol are osmotically active and exclude the dye propidium iodide, indicating the intactness of their plasma membrane.
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  • Protoplasts that fluoresced brightly and exhibited normal morphology were considered to be viable.

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