How To Use Polygyny In A Sentence

  • However, the degree of dimorphism in some clades of mammals, including perissodactyls, does not correlate with the degree of polygyny.
  • Polygyny is legal, and couples have the option of choosing between monogamy and polygyny when they enter into a civil marriage (although this is not necessarily binding).
  • Satlow then discusses levirate marriage, polygyny and concubinage.
  • From then on, polygyny (one man with several wives) replaced polyandry (one woman with several husbands) as a marital practice.
  • One last note: I don’t like the term polyamorous marriage for polygamy although it does help to remove the confusion that people have between polygamy and polygyny. Should we legally recognize polyamorous marriages?
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  • Women, too, often preferred polygyny to monogamy (one man and one woman); they often helped their husbands find younger wives.
  • For the last 30 years of his life, he placed a number of bird houses in his garden and established a colony of European Starlings to study their sociobiology, especially polygyny.
  • In the population of Tasmanian native hens that we studied, monogamy was the most frequent mating pattern, followed by polyandry, with polygyny and polygynandry the least frequent.
  • The female-biased sex ratio was associated with a higher level of polygyny and higher male mating and reproductive success in the secondary forest.
  • The major alterations to Islam that get mentioned are the elimination of polygyny and any kind of veiling for women, as well as a few other relaxations. Book Review: Acorna: The Unicorn Girl
  • What distinguishes Islam from other major religions is that it tolerates polygyny.
  • As male territoriality is consistent with female defense polygyny, territorial males should be more likely to sire the entire litter of territorial dams sharing his territory.
  • In summary, in rheas as well and in other ratites, the high energetic costs associated with incubation and post-hatching parental care would favor paternal care and a mating system that combines polyandry and polygyny.
  • In both capacities he actively opposed traditional institutions such as chieftainship, the ancestor cult, the practice of magic, polygyny and bridewealth, that kept tribesmen away from the church. Class & Colour in South Africa 1850-1950
  • Although most Hmong men had one wife, polygyny was an accepted practice.
  • Most offspring were from monogamous pairs, but a few cases consistent with polygyny by males or sequential polyandry by females were also found.
  • Their breeding system is characterized as harem polygyny: one male mates with multiple females.
  • Thus the expectations regarding the strength of sexual selection for polygyny, polyandry, and monogamy are fairly simple.
  • On rare occasions, birds such as American redstarts, hooded warblers, and black-throated blue warblers engage in polygyny.
  • The system of polygyny guaranteed that all people married.
  • Polygyny and polyandry are not allowed, and it is forbidden to marry close family and kin members.
  • For instance, in the practice of polygyny, each wife is typically allotted her own house, most often within the same compound as the other wives but sometimes elsewhere.
  • However, failing to find differential receptiveness does not disaffirm this possibility if the polygyny allele is fixed in the population.
  • Second, not all males pair strictly with one female in monogamous species, and low levels of polygyny or males that remain unmated in the population will also increase the variance in male reproductive success.
  • The Malinke practice polygyny.
  • That is, some researchers have assumed that the prevalence of patrilocality and polygyny in relation to matrilocality and polyandry, combined with the structural fact that the X is disproportionately carried in females, can explain the differences in patterns of genetic variation. ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science
  • Polygyny in that group may be associated with male territoriality and defensibility of nesting resources.
  • The males spawn with each female and exhibit no parental care - an extreme case of polygyny.
  • Serial monogamy is a common marriage pattern and polygyny is practised by a few.
  • However, polygyny itself is not a sufficient cause of suicide bombing.
  • For the last 30 years of his life, he placed a number of bird houses in his garden and established a colony of European Starlings to study their sociobiology, especially polygyny.
  • Although Muslim law allows polygyny, economic realities mean most Brahui marriages are monogamous.
  • In the absence of inbreeding, the most extreme value of coancestry is achieved by male polygyny together with female philopatry.

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