How To Use Paternalism In A Sentence

  • He remained throughout his life motivated by an abiding belief in the twin myths of racial paternalism and national mission.
  • An act of paternalism, in short, overrides the value of autonomous choice on grounds of beneficence. The Principle of Beneficence in Applied Ethics
  • Reform everywhere was initiated from above; Enlightenment sovereigns perpetuated the paternalism of the previous century's absolutist princes.
  • He gets a job working for IBM, the acme of corporate, conformist paternalism, the antithesis of bohemianism.
  • This kind of paternalism will not solve the problem.
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  • The paternalism of scientific positivism coincides directly with capitalist culture's feminizing of amateurism.
  • Thanks to your misguided paternalism, racial tension will always be front and center.
  • Not only did these men share the hardships of combat, their very survival imbued many with a pre-disposition to paternalism.
  • Extreme paternalism is a parasite sucking on a dry host, it will tend to allow some capitalism to fatten up its victim. Incumbents and Government, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty
  • For public health policy to be realised, paternalism must be replaced by active encouragement of patients to participate in their own care.
  • Indeed, there exists an equally strong, and in this context often contradictory, philosophical premiss, that of paternalism.
  • The persuasive power of paternalism supplies the motive for this step to be taken.
  • Therefore, government paternalism is justified in steering people away from the decisions that are correlated with instinct and toward those decisions that are correlated with reason. On Neuroeconomics and Paternalism, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty
  • And people said left wing media was doomed because of arrogance and paternalism!
  • Paternalism fosters passivity and dependence, saps self confidence, and undermines people's ability to cope.
  • Better the paternalism of Ayub than the devious wiles of the politicians.
  • The Government may mean well in moving this bill forward, but such paternalism is misplaced when it changes the rules of the social game.
  • The English law of contract is not subject to any such abject paternalism.
  • The bureaucratic paternalism and social control techniques of the employers are briefly exemplified.
  • Judge Posner's scheme of compulsory medical insurance for the nonpoor is typical of the paternalism (shouldn't we just call it socialism?) that economists of the Chicago school pretend to oppose. Becker and Posner vs. Medicare, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty
  • Paternalism, whether libertarian or iron-fisted, is what is objectionable — at least to people that expect to be treated as adults. The Volokh Conspiracy » Richard Thaler Responds to Critics of Libertarian Paternalism
  • This ‘we know what's best for them’ sentiment is evidence of paternalism, not solidarity.
  • Fair, in fact, than the Football Association of paternalism Feudal power and gross more important.
  • I moved towards the right by talking to the alleged ‘beneficiaries’ of liberal paternalism.
  • governmentalism" or "paternalism" under nationalistic control, he himself admits and defends the principle. The Arena Volume 4, No. 21, August, 1891
  • Trade is far better than aid, which evokes dependency and paternalism.
  • And consequently about the doctor - patient relationship, resource allocation, communication, autonomy, inform consent and paternalism.
  • Abramov, a member of this inner group, was a favoured son who owed his rapid progress to Geichenko's paternalism. A SONG AT TWILIGHT
  • Indeed, I do tend to question public policy arguments based on paternalism.
  • On both philosophical and emotional grounds, I hate paternalism in government; and I don't like maternalism in government any better, especially given that, in a number of respects, America is gradually evolving into a gynocracy anyhow. My political provocation
  • Consequently the forms of paternalism signified by feudal relations are more likely to be a recent tradition rather than a distant memory.
  • He had no interest in Malan, apart from an unexpected stirring of protective paternalism towards Kathryn, no interest whatsoever. THE LAST RAVEN
  • They said that protectionism and paternalism would only harm producers from developing nations.
  • They have replaced that paternalism with what's called "" la pensee unique '' -- a kind of fixed idea, generated in Paris and imposed on the nation at large, that France must participate in a single, strong European currency. You Said You Wanted A Revolution
  • Can such paternalism on the part of our rulers lead to anything but infantilism on the part of the people?
  • In the 1930s, when deflation and dictatorship circumscribed the strategies of light industry, employers in wool, cotton, and rayon reverted to a familiar form of company paternalism with the help of sisters on the payroll.
  • Therefore, government paternalism is justified in steering people away from the decisions that are correlated with emotion and toward those decisions that are correlated with reason. On Neuroeconomics and Paternalism, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty
  • Justifying government policies on the basis of paternalism is just one of many analogies used to mislead people about their true nature and effects.
  • There is a thoroughly conservative article here that takes up the burden of finding a balance between liberty and paternalism.
  • For better or worse, the paternalism and condescension towards the public which is embodied in the very idea of a publication ban has been fatally short-circuited.
  • The problem I have with your hypothetical is that libertarian paternalism, like cost-benefit analysis, is designed to be governing philosophy for a broad range of policy decisions (even if it has not yet been widely adopted). The Volokh Conspiracy » More on Behavioral Economics and Regulatory Policy:
  • Consequently the forms of paternalism signified by feudal relations are more likely to be a recent tradition rather than a distant memory.
  • As for the colonies in Asia and Africa, authoritarian paternalism - not self-government - was the order of the day.
  • Paternalism presumes sentimental relations will create justice between unequals.
  • Yet, when we dig a little deeper, we find simply another style of moral paternalism lies buried beneath the surface.
  • They don't want paternalism or dependence when they are entitled to resources of their own.
  • I am not convinced that it is possible to provide a conclusive argument to show that paternalism is never in principle justified in any such case.
  • Your Honour, it is not as much paternalism as facilitating a process.
  • Another profession, the medical, has just been criticised for arrogance, paternalism and complacency.
  • The cases reek of legal paternalism and legal moralism but little reference is made to ideas of personal autonomy or sovereignty.
  • This supplemental relation is revealing, for it emphasizes that the fantasy of benevolent paternalism and the Permanent Settlement are ineffective in and of themselves and thus require the deep micrological regulation of domestic relations which came to pre-occupy British rule in India in the early nineteenth-century. Projection, Patriotism, Surrogation: Handel in Calcutta
  • This is where paternalism - chosen or imposed - must be admitted.
  • And if Smith's economic ideas affronted the paternalism of the traditional Tory party, they were eventually taken up by William Pitt the Younger, the late-18th-century prime minister who is now seen as one of the fathers of free-market conservatism. A Wealth Of Ideas
  • Feelings of frustrated paternalism have been coursing through me and partner lately.
  • Nudging people for their own benefit in unobtrusive ways is part of what the co-authors call “libertarian paternalism,” a seeming oxymoron that links the notions of freedom from constraint and firm, well-intentioned guidance. The unbearable arrogance of the "Nudge-ers"

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