1. related as members of a substitution class
    paradigmatic word associations
  2. of or relating to a grammatical paradigm
    paradigmatic inflection
  3. of or relating to a typical example
    paradigmatic learning
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How To Use paradigmatic In A Sentence

  • Arguing by his paradigmatic concept of mantra he would say that a metaphor or a symbol employed in the Vedic style is expected to convey a reality, as a revelative symbol of the unrevealed and hint luminously to the mind what for logical or practical thought would have ever remained inaccessible. Hobbes and Ryle, Kant and Sri Aurobindo
  • And during the same period, he was actively proselytizing a concept of the artist as a paradigmatic example of actively chosen personal freedom.
  • Paradigmatic relations include relations such as synonymy, hyponymy, opposites (of various kinds), and entailment.
  • This prospect is frequently hailed as facilitating a return to the pristine, paradigmatic democracies of ancient Greece.
  • Although Judith was a new symbol to Florence, John of Salisbury's citation of her as a paradigmatic tyrannicide made the Old Testament heroine a second exemplar.
  • Bonny Hicks appeared to me to be the paradigmatic example of an autonomous, free-choosing individual who decided early on to construct a lifestyle congenial to her idiosyncratic sense of self-expression.
  • This investigation unpacks the frames of reference and modes of identification that cultivate preferences and expectations in regard to age, gender, and romance in screen cultures by way of a paradigmatic case.
  • Encyclopedic and panoptical in his enumerations, Bhaskar deserves a closer look, paradigmatically as well as personally. Archive 2006-12-01
  • Brazil was a paradigmatic case of urban and rural mobilization during these decades, with agrarian leagues claiming land and labor rights and electorates voting for progressive change.
  • Por esta altura, a acreditar nos autores paradigmáticos da ficção científica Clarke, Asimov, Heinlein, Verne, já viveríamos em O'neills no ponto lagrange, a lua e marte seriam novas potências económicas. ISS
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