How To Use Oxcart In A Sentence

  • It does seem to me that the wheel that has allowed the oxcart of fiction to keep moving for the past 250 years has begun to break down due to overuse and the tremendous weight it has been asked to bear. Poetry
  • He remembers the clay flats being mined, the diggers shovelling up clay into the oxcarts, the beasts relishing the mud.
  • We clambered into the oxcart, and Xenophon drove away with us, chatting subvocally the while. In the Garden of Iden
  • Rather, these sophisticated sentients start miniaturizing their technology, eventually uploading their minds into some sort of microelectronic computer, at which point colonizing star systems will seem as tempting as oxcart travel. Seth Shostak: Where Are the Aliens? Fermi Paradox Redux
  • Too easy to kill the spam and create an effective Avira Pro for free. swc oxcart How To Fix The McAfee Restart Debacle On Your Machines | Lifehacker Australia
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  • Behind the dogcart came an oxcart pulled by two bald priests of Rift, asking for sacrifices, and behind them supplicants slashed themselves in ecstasy. Wildfire
  • Two rustic horsemen courteously stand aside, taking the chance to pasture their horses, whilst an oxcart passes on the steep track.
  • Emaline tried to remind herself that the pioneers had come this way by oxcart, but that was small consolation. Come Again No More
  • The slim, handsome woman vividly recalls the backbreaking work from sunrise to sunset clearing forests, digging irrigation canals and planting rice; hunting for frogs, rats and snakes to eat; seeing corpses piled high on oxcarts rumbling off to mass graves; her son dying on a garbage heap as he rummaged for fish bones to eat. - Latest Popular Stories, Instablogs Community
  • The next day, ride in a traditional oxcart to a local monastery. Memories Worth 1,000 Pradas
  • It's almost a year since I tried MSE and booted McFuck ... shallnot swc oxcart How To Fix The McAfee Restart Debacle On Your Machines | Lifehacker Australia
  • That's why the clearbit pages on audiobooks and movies run 2 pages each with seeds going back to 2004, mostly expired rights. swc oxcart ClearBits Is A More Usable And Fun LegalTorrents | Lifehacker Australia
  • Four years later Sparrman had seen penguins in Antarctica, driven an oxcart into the interior of South Africa, and faced a hippo with only a knife and insect scissors for defense. Brotherhood of the Butterfly Net
  • It has, even yet, no railroad, no stage; rarely has a vehicle been seen in that primitive place other than the awkward oxcart. American novelist Charles Fleming Embree set his first novel at Lake Chapala

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