How To Use Oxbridge In A Sentence

  • So it showed posh boys at prep school who, aged seven, could confidently name the Oxbridge college they planned to attend - and working-class girls discussing what they would do if they had a lot of money, "like two pounds". Watch 49 Up tomorrow
  • Students who 'avoid challenge' of traditional subjects miss out on places at Oxbridge or 'redbrick' institutions Letters: Media studies and drama are not 'soft'
  • 3 Despite rigorous reverse discrimination the proportion of students from under privileged backgrounds entering Oxbridge is declining annually Archive 2007-01-21
  • It is located far from Oxbridge, amidst James's own native grounds: the wilds of the bleak East Anglian seacoast.
  • You don't have to go to Oxbridge to receive a good university education.
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  • Harlequins have traditionally been regarded as the team of 'city boys' well-heeled Oxbridge types who work in finance and play a bit of 'rugger' at the weekend - in contrast to the - Frontpage RSS Feed
  • They lack the moral grit that sent so much of the flower of Oxbridge out to the colonies during the heyday of the British Empire.
  • in ten years' time the Oxbridge mathematicians, scientists, and engineers will not be much more significant numerically than the Oxbridge medical schools are now
  • The anonymous blogger of "Sex At Oxbridge" describes herself as a "fairly attractive and highly intelligent Oxbridge student currently shagging my way through the half-term hump". Medindia Health News
  • Our first step was a visit to a company that grooms candidates for Oxbridge entrance.
  • It is located far from Oxbridge, amidst James's own native grounds: the wilds of the bleak East Anglian seacoast.
  • It would be unthinkable today for an Oxbridge choral scholar, or just about any young British chorister, not to sing the full Messiah regularly. Massive Messiah
  • These days, the university operates a system of selection that is the envy of Oxbridge and many raw-boned cartilaginous youths are broken on the altar of inaccessibility.
  • When he spoke, it was with a strong Oxbridge accent - he sounded more English than my English friends. A FEW SHORT NOTES ON TROPICAL BUTTERFLIES
  • The rise of anthropology concurrent with Darwin's work on evolution mid-century and the Oxbridge university reform commissions decisively altered British activity.
  • The expansion of high education on Oxbridge lines led increasing numbers to expect well - paid white - collar jobs.
  • Those of my friends that went onto oxbridge changed schools, repeated their A levels and managed to get important grades to take them to Oxbridge. Education news, comment and analysis |
  • He shook John's hand with the confidence of an Oxbridge graduate. AN OLDER WOMAN
  • Having won through the repechage Manchester knocked out the last Oxbridge survivors. Archive 2007-03-04
  • Everyone else in the race was either an Oxbridge graduate or undergraduate.
  • An Africa where bureaucrats sit on plastic sofas and do bent deals from offices papered with Oxbridge degree certificates.
  • Now even young, college-age Britons are pro-Tory now; a recent survey had Tory support in Oxbridge about 15% ahead of Labour. Matthew Yglesias » Doing It With Twitter
  • There are people for whom professional diplomatists are out of touch, upper - class ex-Oxbridge twits, paid over-large salaries for living on the cocktail circuit.
  • In novel after novel, she would recreate the rarefied Oxbridge milieu, a world peopled by erudite lost souls relentlessly seeking wisdom and love.
  • HM Treasury famously preens itself as having a collection of the very finest minds Oxbridge can produce – a pity then their principal activity seems to be devising spiv-like ways of deceiving the punters. Society daily 26.10.2010
  • I was everything he didn't like - a woman, with a la-di-da accent, who came from the south, who'd been Oxbridge-educated, and hired on the milk round.
  • His voice was cultured Oxbridge, and the grim intent in that voice made Cardiff and Pearce stand obediently aside.
  • Went to Oxbridge, is treated as an axiomatic 'bad thing'. The Ming Dynasty
  • And your thing about Oxbridge is somewhat outdated. Matthew Yglesias » Culture and Size and Scope of Government
  • (He had been one of the hardest livers and hardest readers of his time at Oxbridge, where the name of Stunning Warrington was yet famous for beating bargemen, pulling matches, winning prizes, and drinking milk-punch.) The History of Pendennis
  • There are still some cases of snobbery and elitism in Oxbridge admissions, but this situation won't be helped by government quotas.
  • Entrance to Oxbridge is always on merit, not the result of the undeclared freemasonry that just happens to prefer confidence and good diction in an interview to a clutch of Highers or A-levels.
  • North London or Oxbridge, Bob 321 Sleight was slime whichever way you looked at it. FALLEN WOMEN
  • Which of these specialized directories from Oxbridge Communications would solve a reference problem for you?
  • OXBRIDGE APPLICATIONS: Oxbridge applications, we have a network of 500 former admissions, and we take the people that have been there and done it and help supply that information back to people who want to go there. CNN Transcript Dec 8, 2008
  • Until recently, such fantasies were expressed mainly by the far right, or in the laments of despondent Oxbridge dons.
  • The British are desperate to see our creakily ancient institutions - newspapers and political parties dominated by wealthy Oxbridge graduates and a parliamentary system where official communication between the two houses is still overseen by the hereditary figure of Black Rod - reshaped by the internet. LabourList: Can't stop the blog: what the internet has done for ideas
  • Really he was ineducable, they tried to take him to England and put him through the Oxbridge education system, and he was a complete failure at this.
  • After their comprehensive defeat at Scarborough last Saturday, York will be looking to get their Oxbridge ECB Yorkshire Premier League programme back on the rails this weekend.
  • To a considerable extent, a tight circle of New York intellectuals, Ivy League stars, Nobel laureates and Oxbridge luminaries replaced him and his cohort.
  • Oxbridge undoubtedly has much to teach other universities in terms of personal tuition and rigour. Times, Sunday Times
  • If she hadn't known otherwise she would have imagined he had a classics degree, or at least an Oxbridge education. YELLOW BIRD
  • In recent decades, there has been a reduction in suicide rates among Oxbridge students, and the instances of deliberate self-harm are fewer in relation to the general, age-matched population.
  • Bostridge conveys more the image of an Oxbridge choral scholar who has ventured out without his scarf than Schubert's traveller
  • Students from the poorest households are six times less likely to get to Oxbridge. Times, Sunday Times
  • Robinson's brother had no choice but to retake his final exams to ensure a place at an Oxbridge college.
  • I always felt that science as the preserve of people from Oxbridge or Ivy League universities - and not for the common mortal - was a very bad idea.
  • Posted in Oxbridge, Polytechnics, Vocational Courses. Polytechnics challenge out of touch Tory educational polices… « My Liberal Democrat Political Ramblings…
  • He accepts he does not conform to the public school or Oxbridge stereotype, as he was brought up on a council estate in Dringhouses and educated at Millthorpe School.
  • On the night I was in, there were two parties of those loud, well-bred gels who couldn't get into Oxbridge and had to study at Edinburgh instead.

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