How To Use Overweening In A Sentence

  • The notion itself has an overweening hubris to it.
  • He was overweening and displayed his slight skill before an expert on a public occasion.
  • The overweening arrogance of the Supreme Court.
  • I get to use the word "overweening" for something! Archive 2007-06-01
  • We organised races, and spurred by overweening confidence, tested the crafts' stability by standing on the seats and swaying until tipped into the cold water.
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  • Namely, anti - rationalism of the Enlightenment and the intellectual elite overweening attitude.
  • To those I would add presumptuous, imperious, overweening and authoritarian.
  • They suffered from the ancient Greek disease of hubris, a kind of overweening arrogance. The Very Best Men—Four Who Dared: The Early Years of the CIA
  • Behind this rejection of the "literary" as anything other than a window on culture and beyond that mostly an imposition by overweening writers claiming an exalted power they don't ultimately possesses is an attitude that might indeed be described as "normative conclusion" as Fish uses the term. Art and Culture
  • Until journalism operates with a similar framework to other professions, it is dangerously naive to have any faith in the safeguarding of professional ethics and standards in the face of overweening and overmighty owners and publishing companies. Letters: Anti-Murdoch hysteria could threaten Sky News
  • The answer is clear - his overweening ambition.
  • The problem now is not an overweening Congress but an aggrandized executive branch; still, the remedy is the same. The Founders’ Great Mistake
  • The play even introduces elements of kabuki, shouted Japanese, and eleventh-century visuals into its overweening mix.
  • It is the overweening ambition of the theory to explain or explain away rational thought, including philosophy.
  • It would be nice to be free from the shadow of her mother's overweening ambition. MEDALON
  • Reading the interview, one is struck, as always, by the overweening vanity of Max's position. The vanity of Max Mosley
  • For the medieval period, especially the Renaissance, is replete with examples of overweening pride in the human place in the cosmos.
  • He was always criticized for his philistinism and his overweening self-confidence.
  • It was the bitter resentment of an unhappy childhood that set Butler against all dogma, all overweening authority and authoritarianism.
  • On his return to England in 1042, as Edward the Confessor, he promoted many of these Frenchmen into positions of influence, as a counterbalance to the overweening power of the Godwine family.
  • no idea how overweening he would be
  • She is driven by overweening ambition.
  • Later, desiring heaven, he achieves it, only to be thrown down from there because of his overweening pride in his merit.
  • The more we nourish widespread ambition, the less we have to fear the overweening power of mild despotism.
  • Elizabeth indignantly rejects him, on the grounds of his overweening pride, the part he has played in separating Jane from Bingley, and his alleged treatment of Wickham.
  • had a witty but overweening manner
  • The country's authoritarianism and uniformity owe much to the state's overweening power.
  • A legal system needs multiple lines of defense against miscarriages of justice, and historically the jury has had few rivals as a way of protecting defendants from overweening official power.
  • His stolid instinctive conservatism grovels before the tyrant rule of routine, despite that turbulent and licentious independence which ever suggests revolt against the ruler: his mental torpidity, founded upon physical indolence, renders immediate action and all manner of exertion distasteful: his conscious weakness shows itself in overweening arrogance and intolerance. The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night
  • At base there is an enormous arrogance and an overweening ambition.
  • It would seem that tips on playing competitive bridge, overweening pride, and short-term plundering were the leadership messages passed on through succession and down the ranks at Lehman. John O'Neil: President Obama's Future Leadership of Capitalism 3.0
  • The ancient Greeks had a word for it: hubris, which might be defined as a kind of overweening pride, one that impelled mere mortals to believe they could act like gods. Original
  • But if she wasn't a go-getting 11-year old, she is making up for it at 29 with an overweening ambition to grow her company.
  • The redemption of Judas, the challenges of pusillanimous leadership and the sin of overweening arrogance are handled deftly in this timeless tale.
  • He stated in a haunted, whispered voice and Ikeda nearly apologized for bringing it up, but his overweening pride would not allow it.
  • Seventy or so years ago the celebrated diarist James Lees-Milne wrote this: 'It became clear he was a man of overweening egotism. Roebuck on Mosley
  • Although he was an academic, he did not appear to have the arrogance and overweening sense of self-importance that some of his kind possess.
  • The actor conveys at the same instant the character's overweening pride, as well as an element of self-knowledge, which borders on self-disgust.
  • Another extraordinary characteristic of the book is its combination of supreme humility with what the enemy might describe as overweening arrogance. Darkest India A Supplement to General Booth's "In Darkest England, and the Way Out"
  • What about Embassy Court Brighton, a building whose horizontal emphasis and overweening bulk wrecks the stuccoed urbanity of the Hove seafront?
  • It was an age of excess, of overweening ambition, of greed, and phoniness, and sucking up, and the glorification of strange, obnoxious, preening, uninteresting people.
  • There, culture is seen as synonymous with the country's national identity, with its almost arrogant self-belief, and with an overweening pride in its own achievements.
  • Hubris, sometimes spelled hybris ancient Greek ὕβρις, is a term used in modern English to indicate overweening pride, self-confidence, superciliousness, or arrogance, often resulting in fatal retribution. Touchy, Touchy: Catching Up With "The Climb"
  • His best qualification for the job was his overweening ambition, nothing else.
  • She had offered him all the sacrifices that he did not want, and she stood before him in overweening confidence that she ran no other risks than those she had foreseen. Indiana
  • Gutfreund openly criticized what he considered the overweening greed of the younger generation.
  • overweening greed
  • A much bigger threat to our freedom is an overweening state that plays on our fears to justify the appropriation of even more money to special interests, the mobilization of which will ensure that it stays in power.
  • They do not look for, do not see, and do not achieve insight into their fatal flaws - arrogance, overweening pride, hypocrisy, ineptitude, and, increasingly, irrelevance.
  • Overweening distrust of authority can lead to blindness as much as to liberation.
  • Are you just some populist slave, some kind of overweening and colicky infant in search of surrogate mamas and papas, role models, and the like? Excerpt from Urdoxa 2.0
  • overweening ambition
  • Cats have been endowed with a magical ability to detect the overweening ambitions of dictators, many of whom have consequently been accused of ailurophobia on the flimsiest evidence.
  • The more we nourish widespread ambition, the less we have to fear the overweening power of mild despotism.
  • People soon became disillusioned with the more hard-edged forms of modernism, and aghast at the overweening urge to control demonstrated by totalitarian regimes from the thirties to the fifties.
  • Which is exactly how I would have put it, happy as I was to discover these books, too, after so many years of unrelenting cheeriness and pointless plot-iness and overweening cutesiness and, as Phoebe suggests, way too much sugar. Jenny Rosenstrach: Daniel Handler's Summer Reading List

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