How To Use Overnice In A Sentence

  • His thin, little body had grown steadily thinner since he had come among the apes, for while, as a young cannibal, he was not overnice in the matter of diet, he found it not always to his taste to stomach the weird things which tickled the palates of epicures among the apes. Jungle Tales of Tarzan
  • a chamber in which their wives slept and there leaving it, without concerning themselves for the nonce to settle it overnicely, betook them to bed. The Decameron of Giovanni Boccaccio
  • At a dozen parties where I have been since, this unfortunate adventure has always been an object of conversation, of witticisms, but not of blame, except at Madame Fouche's, where Madame Leboure was very much blamed indeed for having been so overnice, and foolishly scrupulous. Court Memoirs of France Series — Complete
  • Don't be overnice in your exactions; if she is even a fairly good cook, waitress, and laundress, you are indeed blessed among women. The Complete Home
  • Your master teacher was being what's called overnice.
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  • Like so many of the children of the rich, he had no trace of overnice sense of self-respect, having been lying and toadying all his life to a father who used the power of his wealth at home no less, rather more, than abroad. Susan Lenox: Her Fall and Rise, Volume I
  • Though Jones had no reason to imagine the lady to have been of the vestal kind when his amour began; yet, as he was thoroughly ignorant of the town, and had very little acquaintance in it, he had no knowledge of that character which is vulgarly called a demirep; that is to say, a woman who intrigues with every man she likes, under the name and appearance of virtue; and who, though some overnice ladies will not be seen with her, is visited (as they term it) by the whole town, in short, whom everybody knows to be what nobody calls her. The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling
  • Our new hotel did not represent a retreat into overnice refinement or restraint. Lost in the Magic Kingdom
  • It sounds absurd to say that it is part of truthfulness not to be overnice about the truth when circumstances demand deception.
  • He was twenty-five years old then, and he had demonstrated to his community thoroughly that he had courage, that he was crafty, and that he went to his end and got results, without stopping for overnice scruples of honour. A Certain Rich Man
  • Hey - squeamish website, honourable search around some blogs, seems a pretty overnice program you are using. Martin Campbell Likens The Green Lantern Film to Iron Man in Tone
  • IT is not so easy to tell why discredit should be cast upon a man because of something that his grandfather may have done amiss, but the world, which is never overnice in its discrimination as to where to lay the blame, is often pleased to make the innocent suffer in the place of the guilty. Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates : fiction, fact & fancy concerning the buccaneers & marooners of the Spanish Main
  • And we should take due warning from the consequences of our decision of what may follow from exacting overnice requirements of the I.C.C.

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