How To Use Overhead projector In A Sentence

  • I wish most presenters would use a simple on-screen slide show, or old-style film slides, or an overhead projector, or a whiteboard or flip chart!
  • The man turns away and changes transparencies on the overhead projector and begins his lesson.
  • What appeared to be the ink drum of a broken photostat machine rolled across the floor and glass crunched underfoot as Sizani and his entourage stepped over pieces of overhead projectors.
  • A length of dental floss was stretched from the tip of the pharynx to the tip of the tail of each worm, and the length in centimeters was recorded from the dental floss on a sheet of acetate overhead projector film.
  • I made transparencies of their original sketches and we used overhead projectors to trace their designs on the walls.
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  • If you followed the advice herein, you would be establishing drum corps, unleashing electric guitars, investing in overhead projectors, spending many thousands on the latest goop from the mainline publishers, and flitting around from thing to thing until the end of time. What does it mean to sing like a Catholic?
  • She used an overhead projector to illustrate her talk.
  • Which doesn't belong on the following list of business tools: mimeograph; overhead projector; flip chart; PowerPoint?
  • The easiest way is to print the image on a transparency slide (the ones normally used for an overhead projector) with a laser printer.
  • An overhead projector is also used to see the colors as the pieces are placed on the viewing screen.
  • He stood and switched on the overhead projector, placed the acetate of the communiqué on it, and turned on the light. FLASH POINT
  • Consider using a flip chart, overhead projector or a blackboard.
  • How can I carry on when the bulb in the overhead projector has blown?
  • We also began by considering the results of a single meiosis, which I could demonstrate by labeling and moving around transparent coloured strips on the overhead projector, and then moved to considering the pooled results of the many meioses that produce, for example, sperm. Archive 2008-01-01
  • He paged through about a dozen transparencies on the overhead projector.
  • Not that long ago, a classroom-style overhead projector (properly called an epidiascope) with A4 transparencies and a marker pen was the norm for most conferences. Brad Ideas - Comments
  • I made transparencies of their original sketches and we used overhead projectors to trace their designs on the walls.

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