[ UK /ˌə‍ʊvəɹɛnθjˌuːzɪˈæstɪk/ ]
  1. unduly enthusiastic
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How To Use overenthusiastic In A Sentence

  • The sense of forward momentum doesn't quite get as far as it needs to, and an overenthusiastic attack of subsidiary climaxes weaken the major symphonic climax Simpson has written in.
  • Kasuri said the record of such a proposal was with the Pakistan government and that president Asif Zardari, in his first press conference as head of state, had referred to the progress on resolving the Kashmir dispute and stated rather 'overenthusiastically' that he was aware of the progress and the nation would soon hear good news. Analysis
  • It was a bright April day in Kabul in 1978, but the field right next to the American embassy could have been in Iowa: kids in baseball caps and bright yellow T shirts swinging and missing at baseballs, with proud parents cheering overenthusiastically from the stands. An Afghan Childhood
  •   “To start with the question of the discharge,” began Sister Apothecaire, somewhat overenthusiastically, but Sister Doctor spoke over her. Son of a Witch
  • Expect all the personal touches and attention to detail you get when staying with particularly hospitable friends, but none of the intrusion you get when staying with overenthusiastic ones.
  • When he's finally handed the case of his life, he runs at it like an overenthusiastic puppy, hitting every cliché of the cop movie head on and failing at every single one.
  • The majority of lines are delivered as though in a vacuum, by overenthusiastic children's TV presenters.
  • He has one hand on the controls, one eye on the track ahead and is sharing a laugh over his shoulder with an overenthusiastic train buff.
  • The knocking gesture was exaggerated, like an overenthusiastic mime in slow motion.
  • It must be nearly 25 years since I was last force-fed irregular verb endings by overenthusiastic French teachers.
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