How To Use Overcoating In A Sentence

  • Beaver cloth is a heavy woolen overcoating, napped and pressed down to resemble beaver fur.
  • (Mr. Jephson, please show that new Win-the-War overcoating) is really helping to keep things going. The Hohenzollerns in America
  • PRINTING METHOD: Dye sublimation thermal print method (with overcoating) Blogpulse Top Links
  • Due to low amount of IgA in mucosal fluids, a high sensitive sandwich ELISA assay was set; sensitivity was enhanced by milk-based overcoating buffer and by a two-step biotin-streptavidin signal amplification. Elites TV
  • The Celestron 12X25 UpClose binoculars are solidly made with a rubberized overcoating that will resist denting, ambient dew and moisture and provide a sure grip for all size hands. Great Binoculars For Kids – Celestron 12X25 UpClose Binoculars | Universe Today
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  • His tone was the same one he had used on Dancer at the party Thursday night: quiet, even, but with an overcoating of venom. Hoodwink
  • The material can be used for a wide range of applications such as electrode protection films, interlayer dielectric films and LED chip protective (overcoating) films, contributing to technologies capable of boosting yield and high luminance. LEDs Magazine Products
  • Measurements are made with the coating or plating in place, results are unaffected by the substrate material, and overcoating the test sample is unnecessary.
  • That one risen eukaryotic who california high school proficiency exam preciously ependyma the quack pungently a allhallows or tambala that overcoating and one that unerringly does. POWET.TV
  • It is found in the finest of silk and worsted fabrics for ladies 'wear, also in linings, mittens, and fine cloaking and overcoating. Textiles For Commercial, Industrial, and Domestic Arts Schools; Also Adapted to Those Engaged in Wholesale and Retail Dry Goods, Wool, Cotton, and Dressmaker's Trades
  • It is based upon the coupling of plasmons (charge density oscillations) excited by light in thin metal films, with waveguide modes in a dielectric layer overcoating the metal film.
  • The present volume has three objects in view: first, to present the life of Saint Patrick without writing a history of the national church which he founded or introducing irrelevant matter; secondly, to place his life and character before the reader as they have been handed down to us in the most ancient extant documents, without overcoating or withholding anything in the originals; and, thirdly, to deliver to the public at as low a price as possible the original documents grouped together. The Most Ancient Lives of Saint Patrick Including the Life by Jocelin, Hitherto Unpublished in America, and His Extant Writings

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