How To Use Outmarch In A Sentence

  • Did the Second have in it men who would see that it outmarched the First? LEE’S LIEUTENANTS
  • Harvey Hill had outmarched Jackson that day as if determined to seize the honors of battle from his senior. LEE’S LIEUTENANTS
  • If those strong blue columns, or even the blue cavalry, outmarched the Southerners, the only line of escape would be to the north—the direction opposite that of the desired movement to unite with Johnston.28 LEE’S LIEUTENANTS
  • This guy can outmarch anyone!
  • He could outswear the Sergeants, outmarch the Rifles and outfight any man in green or scarlet. Sharpe's Prey
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  • He could outswear the Sergeants, outmarch the Rifles and outfight any man in green or scarlet. Sharpe's Prey
  • The attack on the village was supposed to do no more than pin down the British rearguard while the French left, safe in the knowledge that their foes had already marched, were now eagerly trying to outmarch them. Sharpe's Sword
  • Auguste Marmont, son of an ironmaster, had outmanoeuvred the Englishman, outmarched him, and all that had to be done now was to outrun him to Portugal. Sharpe's Sword
  • No battle, which meant that the French had outmarched Wellington again, that the armies were getting nearer to the city, and that perhaps the time when Sharpe would have to leave Salamanca was getting closer. Sharpe's Sword
  • The apprehended attack by Bragg never came, however, for in the race that was then going on between him and Buell on parallel roads, the Army of the Ohio outmarched the Confederates, its advance arriving at Louisville September 25. She Makes Her Mouth Small & Round & Other Stories
  • Washington had yet to discover how readily even experienced soldiers may be tempted to let their imagination outmarch their armies and their ambition disdain the limitations of their resources. Washington
  • But so long as the army could outmarch the Union infantry, Sheridan could not do great mischief. LEE’S LIEUTENANTS

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