[ US /ˈaʊtɝˌmoʊst/ ]
[ UK /ˈa‍ʊtəmˌə‍ʊst/ ]
  1. situated at the farthest possible point from a center
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How To Use outermost In A Sentence

  • As autozooids grew in length, the outermost diaphragms were calcified in sequence as their membranes formed.
  • In the case of cerium, however, pressure causes the atoms to shed some of their outermost electrons, making the electrons "delocalized". EurekAlert! - Breaking News
  • In Director, the stage is analogous to the outermost or whole cinematic frame.
  • Remarkably, the argument of the outermost is a repetitive appends operation and it has only linear complexity with P1 reverse () operations, but each of them is of linear complexity, so the total complexity of implementing my: prepend-iter () we have demonstrated is a simplified case of the many different real world scenarios we may encounter that will require repetitive prepends. Planet XML
  • He fired and hit the outermost ring of the target.
  • God then willed the revolution of the outermost sphere, known as the diurnal sphere, which caused all the other spheres to revolve with it, thereby producing changes in the hyle in accordance with the motions of the sphere. A History of Mediaeval Jewish Philosophy
  • Inside this sac is the epicardium, a membrane that forms the outermost layer of the wall of the heart. Healing the Female Heart
  • Aleurone layer The outermost protein rich layer of the endosperm grass fruits ( e . g . cereal grains ).
  • This Harbour is situated one Mile to the Westward of _Brewer's Hole_, before which are two Islands, one without the other; the outermost, which is the largest is of a tolerable Height, and lies in a Line with the Coast, and is not easy to be distinguished from the Main in sailing along the Shore. Directions for Navigating on Part of the South Coast of Newfoundland, with a Chart Thereof, Including the Islands of St. Peter's and Miquelon And a Particular Account of the Bays, Harbours, Rocks, Land-marks, Depths of Water, Latitudes, Bearings, and
  • The innermost planet is most probably rocky, while the outermost is the first Neptune-mass planet to reside in the habitable zone. May 17th, 2006
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