[ UK /ˈa‍ʊtɐ/ ]
[ US /ˈaʊtɝ/ ]
  1. being on or toward the outside of the body
    the outer ear
  2. being on the outside or further from a center
    spent hours adorning the outer man
    the outer suburbs
  3. located outside
    outer reality
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How To Use outer In A Sentence

  • Therefore, at the state that the body is fixed with a plate shape, the cover-used outer swinging cover can be stored in the box-shaped article storage box with a same side.
  • The main component of the Earth's field – which defines the magnetic poles – is a dipole generated by the convection of molten nickel-iron in the outer core the inner core is solid, so its role is secondary; remember that the Earth's core is well above the Curie temperature, so the iron is not ferromagnetic. Does Zonal Swishing Play a Part in Earth's Magnetic Field Reversals? | Universe Today
  • The invention concerns a cable drum having a non-cylindrical profile of its outer surface and the use of this cable drum in a window regulator system, particularly in a vehicle.
  • It takes years to build up your image and esteem to the point where the your inner sense of worth meets your outer sense.
  • We may still be able to save Las Vegas, as it is encysted by libertarian Nevada... but San Francisco, I fear, is already seething with the RED VIRUS, which has spread to it's outer "Bay Area" provinces, such as Mountain View and other Silicon Valley cities. Obama's Commie Mama
  • Since then neither the printer nor wireless internet router appeared to be working. Times, Sunday Times
  • Youth is unduly busy with pampering the outer person. Horace 
  • This is a composite image of the 1st pair of pleopods and the outer branch (exopodite) of the right (animal's left) pair that came apart during the removal operation (each pleopod has an outer and an inner branch). Archive 2007-12-01
  • the astronauts walked in outer space without a tether
  • The _router-plane_, Figs. 121 and 122, is used to lower a certain part of a surface and yet keep it parallel with the surrounding part, and it is particularly useful in cutting panels, dadoes, and grooves. Handwork in Wood
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