How To Use Outdraw In A Sentence

  • Let a younger man outdraw him, don't allow his end to come via some bad luck and a head-injury assessment. Times, Sunday Times
  • Thirteen of the 16 MLS teams are based in the same area as NBA teams and five of them are outdrawing what their basketball counterparts did in 2009-10, including the Houston Dynamo (16,832) besting the Houston Rockets (16,528) and the New York Red Bulls (18,625) drawing 42% more fans than the New Jersey Nets (13,103). Who Says the MLS Isn't a Big Draw?
  • While turnout at NOM's "rallies" shrinks each day, Freedom to Marry's Summer for Marriage Tour is outdrawing NOM, in some cases 3-to-1. Evan Wolfson: Freedom to Marry to NOM: This is What a Summer For Marriage Really Looks Like
  • Syracuse's six-overtime win against Connecticut, which started Thursday and ended Friday, was ESPN's second-most-viewed Big East game ever — outdrawing only Georgetown-Connecticut in 1996. Little drama in bracket, TV coverage
  • Like the Connecticut Huskies, Dancing With the Stars reigned as champ, far outdrawing the NCAA championship game culminating March Madness. Ratings: Dancing With the Stars Beats Basketball
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  • How, it wondered in a December article, could a conservative all-news network outdraw a liberal one?
  • Baseball fans responded by swarming the Polo Grounds to see Ruth, doubling Yankees attendance and outdrawing their hosts.
  • The reruns of this program outdraw all of the first run and live shows that they do.
  • Let a younger man outdraw him, don't allow his end to come via some bad luck and a head-injury assessment. Times, Sunday Times
  • Beck's mention of MSNBC's Ed Schultz is a reference to Schultz's claim that he could easily outdraw Beck with enough money and time to promote his own rally. Glenn Beck Responds To Stewart/Colbert Rallies
  • Q: Did NBC's Olympic primetime Tuesday, featuring what's usually the Winter Games 'biggest draw in women's figure skating, outdraw Fox's American Idol? Some answers for your NBC Olympic questions
  • We're going to outdraw your football team and your basketball team combined," Coleman said. Archive 2008-03-01
  • And after outdrawing and killing one bad guy, Raylen is transferred from the sunny skies of Miami home of Burn Notice and Miami Vice to his former home in the backwoods of Kentucky. A 'Justified' Outing For A Loose-Cannon Lawman
  • Our 3 Wise Men have seen the light, despite the persistent feeling that the kid doesn't have a clue what he's doing and his vaunted baseball team can't outdraw an afternoon screening of "Land of the Lost. Before Henry Merritt and Charles Randy's New York honeymoon (Jack Bog's Blog)
  • The cross-town Braves would see a mere 146,500 fans, outdrawn by nearly 2 to 1.
  • From drawing board to league champions in quick succession, the Giants have become Northern Ireland's great sporting phenomenon, outdrawing any team in the province.
  • And that's against an industry backdrop in which Major League Baseball teams outdraw their NBA counterparts in most markets. Indians Won't Root For LeBron To Stay
  • Fox News averaged 2.484 million total viewers in primetime Tuesday night, easily outdrawing MSNBC (912,000) and CNN (710,000). Fox News Cruises To Ratings Victory On Tea Party Primary Night
  • Let a younger man outdraw him, don't allow his end to come via some bad luck and a head-injury assessment. Times, Sunday Times
  • The other nets: ABC beat NBC in the demo, 2.2/6 to 2.0/6, but it was the other way around in total viewers, with NBC (6. 4m) outdrawing ABC (6m). 'Modern Family' Ratings Hit Series High
  • Expos play a doubleheader in Philadelphia, and the games are outdrawn by a traffic accident on the Ben Franklin Parkway.
  • Only two European cities managed to outdraw Glasgow in terms of fans attending top-flight matches.
  • At such a rarefied rating level, the Masters would outdraw everything in TV sports except the NFL, some Olympic action and a few marquee college football bowl games. Notah Begay brings unique Tiger Woods perspective to Golf Channel
  • This game will pull a national-TV rating that's huge by sports standards: If precedent holds it will likely outdraw most games of Major League Baseball's World Series. The NFL's Most Popular Team

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