[ UK /ˈʌðəwˌa‍ɪz/ ]
[ US /ˈəðɝˌwaɪz/ ]
  1. in other respects or ways
    he is otherwise normal
    an otherwise hopeless situation
    the funds are not otherwise available
  2. in another and different manner
    there is no way out other than the fire escape
    very soon you will know differently
    she thought otherwise
  1. other than as supposed or expected
    the outcome was otherwise
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How To Use otherwise In A Sentence

  • Intellectual Dublin seemed no longer to consist of writers, but of folk singers, bearded or otherwise.
  • Companies need to be able to handle surges, otherwise the cost of generating leads is wasted and prospective customers who cannot get through may get such a bad impression of the company that they do not bother calling back.
  • I have to find grass and bring it up to them, otherwise they'll die. Times, Sunday Times
  • I don't otherwise want to move: I have a large place in a convenient location with reasonable rent that allows pets, which isn't easy to find.
  • It's ludicrous to suggest otherwise. Times, Sunday Times
  • By the term contracted foot, otherwise known as hoof-bound, is indicated a condition in which the foot, more especially the posterior half of it, is, or becomes, narrower from side to side than is normal. Diseases of the Horse's Foot
  • Russian knapweed is a problem in ranges and pastures in the western United States, where it grows up to 4 feet tall and takes over otherwise productive land.
  • Holography not only maps the intensities of the light, as do normal diffraction patterns, it also encodes information about the phases of the light that is otherwise intrinsically lost.
  • Otherwise an adjective is attached, as in “temporary”. Matthew Yglesias » Stimulus Hypocrites Say ARRA Doesn’t Create Jobs, Try to Nab ARRA Jobs for Themselves
  • If you think baroque is all about curlicues and foofaraws, Rome is the place to learn otherwise.
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