How To Use Otaria In A Sentence

  • I repeat the recommendations heretofore made by me that the appropriations for the maintenance of our diplomatic and consular service should be recast; that the so-called notarial or unofficial fees, which our representatives abroad are now permitted to treat as personal perquisites, should be forbidden; that a system of consular inspection should be instituted, and that a limited number of secretaries of legation at large should be authorized. State of the Union Address (1790-2001)
  • Only a few appeared by name in the notarial records of Le Havre and Honfleur. Champlain's Dream
  • In Holywell, Clwyd, a rotarian dressed as Santa suffered a gashed mouth after hooligans attacked his float with stones.
  • The law was formed more by customs arising from litigation governed by formularies in notarial act books.
  • His Rotarian dreams are crushed, however, when his mercenary business partner squeezes him out of the property he planned to develop. ISAAC CAMPION
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  • On Friday a civic reception will be held at the mayor's parlour to say thank you to all Rotarians in Croydon.
  • Motivate clubs and Rotarians instead to do work of service.
  • Given the vast amount of notarial records, the authors focused on 10 notaries at roughly ten-year increments.
  • With the assignment of adequate salaries the so-called notarial extra official fees, which our officers abroad are now permitted to treat as personal perquisites, should be done away with. State of the Union Address (1790-2001)
  • And accuser just wants adminicle, have to ask him author to appear in court attest or undertake notarization to autograph to notarial place, this cost cannot be borne at all.
  • Information concerning these activities can be found in Latin notarial registers; this prosperous community was part and parcel of the developing Mediterranean economy and the Jews were supplying credit to members of this town and of those nearby. Spain.
  • Huc additur, quod ea, quae vobis ad pleniffimam inftru&ionem fufficere credidiftis, hefterno die edi vobis data notaria po - ftulatis. Opera omnia sanctorum patrum Latinorum
  • Publish the name of the Rotarian elected as governor - nominee.
  • Up until recently, I was pursuing a career in fincancial services, providing insurance, mutual funds, mortgage refinancing, and notarial services. Where Does One Find the Courage to Resist?
  • Images of children scavenging the local garbage dump for food lent urgency to the Rotarians'efforts.
  • Cohn identifies striking differences in patterns of association between mountain dwellers and plainsmen, based on tax surveys, criminal proceedings, wills and other notarial records.
  • A horse show and gymkhana, and a fun dog show proved popular, and there were crafts, charity stalls, sideshows and refreshments including a barbecue manned by Wootton Bassett Rotarians.
  • These include notarial registers, town council decisions, taxation rulings, court records, licensing agreements and other similar documents. Doctors: Medieval.
  • The coastal waters around Otaria itself were called the shallows, and Director Rillu Veza lived there on the coast in an area called Breaker Bay. Chainer's Torment
  • These figures correspond well with summaries based on notarial data.
  • I made a cup of coffee that would have woken the entire audience of a Rotarian 's after-dinner speech. INSTRUMENTS OF DARKNESS
  • Attempts to establish a suitable label for the low-meat eater - "ecotarian" and "meat reducer", amazingly, the least awful - The Guardian World News
  • He suggested that legal services for mergers and acquisitions and notarial activities would be the next targets. Times, Sunday Times
  • Grant recipients may be Rotarians, although membership in a Rotary club is not re - quired to apply.
  • Emphasize that every Rotarian should contribute every year to The Rotary Foundation.
  • The Rotarians have agreed that every possible step should be taken to stop the work.
  • You might think this a bit uncharacteristically 'soppy' but several Rotarians had been acting as stewards and thought that I'd been pushing an empty pram around as a stunt. Archive 2007-12-01
  • A notarial certificate shall be made in the written language commonly used nationwide.
  • A large fund of notarial acts and wills survives. The Times Literary Supplement
  • Declining to take full credit for himself, he attributes the success of the programme to the unstinted support from a motivated army of Rotarians and the government.
  • Most other consular services are available only in Bangkok, including notarial work, marriage recording and passport replacement or renewal.
  • And caring for Rotarian families and spouses can only strengthen Rotary.
  • Official visits are the district governor to motivate and recognize club Rotarians.
  • You should negotiate with your attorney or accountant what steps are included in their fee and determine who will be responsible for out-of-pocket expenses such as notarial and registration fees. Setting up a business in Mexico
  • Governor satisfaction and punishment upon the accuser, and a notary, one Robin, who prepared notarial acts, in an unbecoming affrontive manner. The Journal of Negro History, Volume 5, 1920
  • The notarial deeds provided by the notary public offices in Shanghai are accepted in over 100 countries, which shows that local notaries' work is highly accurate.
  • Perhaps that is when I truly became a Rotarian.
  • The merman was the first to see the importance of uniting the continent of Otaria, saving its fragmented history. Odyssey
  • That the appellant notary acted in accordance with the then general notarial practice does not seem to be contested.
  • Her grandfather, George, was also a Rotarian.
  • If I push it, I can dredge up "Rotarian," which is not much help, as well as "antidisestablishmentarianism" -- a word even longer than Singularitarianism, which is also related to the subject of religion. The Speculist: Lexicon for the Singularity - Aware
  • That the appellant notary acted in accordance with the then general notarial practice does not seem to be contested.
  • Are children of Rotarians eligible to receive a Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship?

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