1. mature bone cell
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How To Use osteocyte In A Sentence

  • Projections of the canaliculi wall, attached to the osteocyte at an integrin protein, may also participate in amplifying and transmitting the signal. News from The Scientist
  • Within the epiphysis of most sections, trabecular bone is frequently hypereosinophilic, and there is karyolysis and loss of osteocytes (necrosis).
  • High power EM of contact between two neighboring osteocytes whose processes have met in canaliculus.
  • The osteoblasts produce osseous tissue, become embedded in the matrix they manufacture, and are then renamed osteocytes, to reflect their change of status.
  • The biological activity glass has the good bone conduction, the inductivity, can accelerate osteocyte multiplication, causes the osteoblasts to transform into the mature osteocytes.
  • These cells, the osteocytes, have long extensions which pass down an interlocking network of canaliculi in the bone.
  • As interstitial fluid flows through the networks of cavities and canals known as the lacuno-canalicular network, it pulls on "tethering" filaments that link osteocytes, or bone cells, and the walls of the canaliculi. News from The Scientist
  • In order to improve osteocyte survival when obtaining autogenous cancellous bone, the surgeon should keep the donor cells moist and chilled in a blood- soaked sponge.
  • Satellite cells are a type of adult stem cells that can become myocytes, adipocytes or osteocytes.
  • Building new bone is in part a problem of balance: regulating osteocytes, that add bone, and osteoclasts, that break it down.
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