1. manifestly demonstrative
  2. represented or appearing as such; pretended
    His ostensible purpose was charity, his real goal popularity
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How To Use ostensive In A Sentence

  • GT 2006-08-31: Well, thank God #6: Raed Jarrar and ostensive definitions Rad Geek People’s Daily – 2008 – July – 09
  • The Chinese fueled Clinton's apparent economic success, not the ostensive 'sound' economic policies Clinton practiced. Obama and Geithner �� The Economic Fix has Failed!!
  • Human infants are highly social creatures who cannot help but interpret the ostensive communicative signals directed to them, " the researchers wrote.
  • The direct or ostensive proof not only establishes the truth of the proposition to be proved, but exposes the grounds of its truth; the apagogic, on the other hand, may assure us of the truth of the proposition, but it cannot enable us to comprehend the grounds of its possibility. The Critique of Pure Reason
  • Therefore we can not tolerate such an ostensive rejection of western civilization, and its key values. Burka ban update
  • The third rule for the guidance of pure reason in the conduct of a proof is that all transcendental proofs must never be apagogic or indirect, but always ostensive or direct. The Critique of Pure Reason
  • Recall that Heidi seemed to be under the impression that cosets could be defined ostensively.
  • We might try this ostensive definition: it is the culture, mental framework, and social reality of the world created by the industrial revolution, mass society, urban life, and mass literacy and communication. Modernism and social life
  • Both texts direct the reader to attend to the saving and comforting power of God; both also provide ostensive biblical legitimization for Equiano's autobiography.
  • Relevance Theory holds that verbal communication is an ostensive-inferential process and involves the code model and inferential model.
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