1. composed of or containing bone
    osseous tissue
  2. relating to bone or to the skeleton
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How To Use osteal In A Sentence

  • Inane cleaned style styracine erratical osteal axograph aerocraft discovered cornfield decapsulate ultraprecision. Top Headlines from World Press Review
  • The Periosteal dissectors and scissors are 12 cm long and they may be straight or curved.
  • The specimen is inferred to represent a five-year-old individual and to be at a young adult ontogenetic stage, based on a combination of histological features including narrower outermost zones, dense haversian bone, extensive and multiple endosteal bone depositional events and absence of an external fundamental system. d, Close up of the gastroliths scale bar, 2 cm. The Panda's Thumb: Transitional Fossils Archives
  • The main imaging findings included bone destruction, adjacent cortical bone involvement, periosteal reaction and soft tissue mass.
  • The cell spaces are also orderly in their arrangement, unlike typical periosteal tissue.
  • The radiographs may reveal osteolysis, periosteal reaction and sequestra.
  • The blood supply of the metatarsals is derived from the nutrient artery, the periosteal arteries, the epiphyseo-metaphyseal arteries and the pseudoepiphyseal arteries.
  • The surgeon coagulates any superficial bleeding vessels with bipolar electrosurgery and uses a periosteal elevator to separate the periosteum from the bone.
  • Large blisters, like these, are called bullae alkaptonuria, ochronosis X-ray lower lumbo-sacral spine and sacro-iliac joints showing normal sacro-iliac joints and calcification of intervertebral discs alkaptonuria, ochronosis grossly calcified intervertebal discs alkaptonuria, ochronosis early ankylosis of spine alkaptonuria, ochronosis bluish spots on his sclera alkaptonuria, ochronosis Bluish discoloration os ear cartillage hypertrophic osteoarthropathy Note diffuse periosteal new bone formation of the distal radius and ulna. Recently Uploaded Slideshows
  • —The cranial dura mater consists of white fibrous tissue and elastic fibers arranged in flattened laminæ which are imperfectly separated by lacunar spaces and bloodvessels into two layers, endosteal and meningeal. IX. Neurology. 4g. The Meninges of the Brain and Medulla Spinalis
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