1. touch with the lips or press the lips (against someone's mouth or other body part) as an expression of love, greeting, etc.
    The newly married couple kissed
    She kissed her grandfather on the forehead when she entered the room
  2. have at least three points in common with
    one curve osculates the other
    these two surfaces osculate
  3. be intermediate between two taxonomic groups
    These species osculate
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How To Use osculate In A Sentence

  • These people can osculate my posterior … “Not on zee left side, not on zee right side, but right in zee middle.” Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » Update on the Health Care Trojan Horse for Fascism
  • Those who are in a hurry to deprive me of that choice can osculate my posterior. Edwards' Big Potential: Delegate Strength
  • Eiseley's point is pretty clear cut, whatever the case with the word 'inosculate'. Darwiniana
  • It is a familiar observation and a perfectly true one that we have no record of our Lord's ever having used miraculous power for the supply of His own wants, and the reason for that, I suppose, is to be found not only in that principle of economy and parsimony of miraculous energy, so that the supernatural in His life was ever pared down to the narrowest possible limits, and inosculated immediately with the natural, but it is also to be found in this -- let me put it into very plain words -- that Christ liked to be helped and served by the people that He loved, and that Christ knew that they liked it as well as He. Expositions of Holy Scripture St. Luke
  • As this vessel gives off throughout its whole length, numerous branches which inosculate principally with the scapular, mammary, and superior intercostal branches of the subclavian, it will be evident that, in tying it above its own branches, the anastomotic circulation will with much greater freedom be maintained in respect to the arm, than if the ligature be applied below those branches. Surgical Anatomy
  • Using superposition method to calculate and receive N-M interaction curve of square steel tubular columns filled with steel-reinforced concrete, it is inosculate with experiment value.
  • They inosculate; they severally send off and receive connecting growths; and the intercommunion has been ever becoming more frequent, more intricate, more widely ramified. Essays on Education and Kindred Subjects Everyman's Library
  • That there are points on which the moral systems of men and nations osculate, is most true; that there should have been certain approximations on many most important subjects was to be expected from the essential identity of human nature, in all ages and countries; but their deviations in some point or other -- usually in several -- from what we acknowledge to be both right and expedient, is equally undeniable. The Eclipse of Faith Or, A Visit To A Religious Sceptic
  • Even those discussions which, at a first view, might seem to belong rather to natural theology, were deliberately assigned to their place after long experience in teaching, as pertaining to the limits where the two fields osculate if they do not cut, and with a clear pre-eminence given to the ethical side of the truths common to both. Outlines of Moral Science.
  • Designated parts otherwise unnamed; as, the innominate artery, a great branch of the arch of the aorta; the innominate vein, a great branch of the superior vena cava. inosculate Surgical Anatomy
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