1. bipedal herbivorous dinosaur
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How To Use ornithopod In A Sentence

  • Virtually all of the common major groups of theropods and ornithopods typical of the Late Cretaceous of northern North America are present.
  • An alternate view, that ceratopsians and pachycephalosaurs diverged from ornithopod dinosaurs in the Late Jurassic, is more consistent with the preserved biostratigraphic evidence.
  • To sum up the site in a nutshell, it isn't known for sure if it is Protohadros, as the type specimen is only known from the skull, but it is sure shaping up to be that way, as Protohadros is the only large ornithopod known from this time in Texas. Life's Time Capsule: Thoughts on Palaeoart II
  • According to wiki, the Parasaurolophus is a genus of ornithopod dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous Period of what is now North America, about 76-73 million years ago. Archive 2009-04-01
  • Ornithopod prints are nearly always tridactyl with three stout and broadly spreading toes so that the resulting footprint has the outline of a trefoil.
  • This developed trail leads the public though a Jurassic-age river channel that has produced a high abundance of dinosaur material, including a partial skeleton of the small ornithopod Othnielosaurus. Cooperative Management of Paleontological Resources on Federal Lands in Mesa County, Colorado
  • The supposed stegosaurian track Deltapodus Whyte & Romano, 1994 (Middle Jurassic of England) is sauropod-like, elongate and plantigrade, but many blunt-toed, digitigrade, large ornithopod-like footprints (including pedal print cast associated with the manus of Stegopodus Lockley & Hunt, 1998) from the Upper Jurassic of Utah, better fit the stegosaurian foot pattern. Neoceratopsian publications for 2008
  • Such stomach stones or gastroliths have been reported from the gut regions or found nearby of prosauropods, sauropods and ornithopods.
  • Several bizarre new dinosaurs have also been recently found in the same geological horizons, including the huge ornithopod Lanzhousaurus magnidens and the gigantic sauropod Huanghetitan liujiaxiaensis. Dinosaurs along the Silk Road
  • The ornithopods included the hadrosaurs or duck-billed dinosaurs, in which the front of the mouth was enlarged to form a broad flat beak and a variety of bony crests were developed on top of the head.
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