1. herbivorous dinosaur with a pelvis like that of a bird
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How To Use ornithischian In A Sentence

  • Digital preparation of a probable neoceratopsian preserved within an egg, with comments on microstructural anatomy of ornithischian eggshells. Neoceratopsian publications for 2008
  • The pair discovered tooth marks on a femur bone from a Champsosaurus, an aquatic reptile that grew up to five feet long; the rib of a dinosaur, most likely a hadrosaurid or ceratopsid; the femur of another large dinosaur that was likely an ornithischian; and a lower jaw bone from a small marsupial. Science Blog
  • The main reason is the lack of good specimens; theropod remains are fairly rare and more often than not fragmentary - theropods have a poor fossil record compared to most of the ornithischian dinosaurs.
  • Named Fruitadens haagarorum, this tiny ornithischian was likely an omnivore, like other heterodontosaurids. Uppity Authors, Scary Vampires, and Whatnot
  • The only definite ornithischian materials known from this unit are the fragmentary holotype specimens of Tatisaurus and Bienosaurus and some indeterminate postcranial material.
  • I've been making my way through the September 2008 Journal of Paleontology, and so there was "A new desmatosuchine aetosaur (Archosauria; Suchia) from the Upper Triassic Tecovas Formation (Dockum Group) of Texas," "A juvenile skull of the primitive African ornithischian dinosaur Heterodontosaurus tucki from the 'Stormberg' of South Africa," and "The anatomy, affinity, and phylogenetic significance of Illemoraspis kirkinskayae (Osteostraci) from the Devonian of Siberia. "The lengths that I will go to, the distance in your eyes..."
  • The ornithischians (‘bird-hipped’ dinosaurs) are herbivores, and include the plated Stegosaurus, the armored Ankylosaurus, horned ceratopsians, and duck-billed hadrosaurids.
  • Yesterday, I began reading Joan Druett's She Captains: Heroines and Hellions of the Sea (2000), and also read "A juvenile skull of the primitive ornithischian dinosaur Heterodontosaurus tucki from the 'Stromberg' of South Africa" (from the September 2008 Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology). Stealing daylight
  • A number of interesting structural adaptations were developed within the ornithischians.
  • Two ornithischian dinosaurs renamed: Microceratops Bohlin 1953 and Diceratops Lull 1905. The Saga of Diceratops, Diceratus, and Nedoceratops
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