How To Use Ormolu In A Sentence

  • Rich ormolu, or gilded bronze moldings and medallions, further defined elegance, offering bold standards for royal palaces throughout Europe.
  • A suite of four 19th-century 12-light candelabras are also a monumental feature from the Grand Hall, with classical women in flowing, dark ormolu robes standing on a green marble base, balancing the golden candle holders on their heads estimate: €200,000-€300,000. The Soul of a French Palace
  • Relations between the two were not always good, but in 1752 a spectacular casket, mounted in ormolu with pietra dura plaques, is first recorded at The Vyne.
  • The room was filled with hothouse flowers, twinkling electric lights, gilded candelabra, potted palms and crystal and ormolu chandeliers hung with pink roses and asparagus vines. The Bradley-Martin Ball | Edwardian Promenade
  • Illustrated here is a spectacular candelabrum from one of his most ambitious product lines - objects that combined ormolu and stone.
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  • This crimson room had two doors upon the side facing the three windows: The innermost opened into a large supper-room, in which a table was spread covered with the usual refreshments of European parties, -- tea, ices, lemonade, and et ceteras, -- and the other opened into a ball-room which is a sort of miniature of the 'salle blanche' of the Winter Palace, being white and gold, and very brilliantly lighted with 'ormolu' chandeliers filled with myriads of candles. John Lothrop Motley, A Memoir — Complete
  • There is also a correlation between art brass and the traditional use of ormolu in French interiors.
  • The downstairs was all carved panelled walls, paint-ed boiserie, ornate marble mantels upon which rested eighteenth-century French bronzes, ormolu-mounted Chi-nese porcelain, among other priceless knick-knacks. The White Ninja
  • From the Grand Hall will come a striking gilt-bronze and ormolu center table from the late 18th-early 19th century attributed to one of the renowned cabinet decorators of the time, sculptor Pierre-Philippe Thomire. The Soul of a French Palace
  • Each of the legs of the table incorporated a naked ormolu caryatid.
  • This technical difference will assist in distinguishing ormolu produced in Boulton's Birmingham workshops from that supplied by Anderson in London.
  • He discussed woods with him — rosewood, mahogany, walnut, English oak, bird’s-eye maple, and the manufactured effects such as ormolu, marquetry, and Boule, or buhl. The Financier
  • Matthew Boulton, James Watt's partner in the manufacture of steam engines, also made silver, Sheffield plate, and ormolu, while another of his associates, Francis Eginton, was a pioneer in the revival of stained glass.
  • A red lens in ormolu casing was clamped over his left eye, and perhaps had replaced the original jelly organ.
  • Inside the library her eyes settled on the ormolu clock atop the marble mantel. LASTING TREASURES
  • He checked the time by his watch, then reset the ormolu clock on the desk, which had lost two minutes during the night.
  • Only two other ormolu tea urns by Boulton are known: one in the Royal Collection, and one owned by the Duke of Northumberland.
  • It contained an exquisite screen, a French ormolu desk, some elegant chairs and a certain lavishness of porcelain amoretti. Tied Up in Tinsel
  • Still, he remembers one space offering a welcome caesura from the ormolu and swag: the Blue Room, which the Count used as his personal sitting area. Museum Quality
  • However, this example is uniquely supported by an extravagant base of gilt and ormolu based on antique Roman design.
  • He discussed woods with him -- rosewood, mahogany, walnut, English oak, bird's-eye maple, and the manufactured effects such as ormolu, marquetry, and Boule, or buhl. The Financier, a novel
  • A bronze figure of Hercules supports an ormolu bowl surmounted by a triple row of plumes, from which rise the three candle branches.
  • Organised in conjunction with Soho House in Birmingham, where Boulton lived and had his factory, this conference explores themes such as Boulton's career, his work in ormolu and silver, and the role of his factory.
  • Among the thieves' haul were four antique boxes, rare Meissen porcelain figures, vases and bowls, and two ormolu clocks, which had all been in Lord Chichester's family for generations.
  • This produced masterpieces -- magnificent tureens that are eternal wonders of creative invention and the silversmith's art, and luxurious, ormolu-laden furnishings of a scale and ornateness that only an army of servants could maintain. The Lure of the Curve
  • Le Chabanais might have been a sober French townhouse on the outside; inside it was all velvet, ormolu, and tiger-skin.
  • A museum quality French directoire mantle clock in ormolu has been brought to the fair by Gavin Douglas, of London, as something of a mystery.
  • Needless to say, the ormolu retains its original gilding, and the Blue John body is richly hued and striated.
  • Nevertheless, the voluptuous figures that adorn his ormolu mounts and the fluidity of his designs gave Linke's pieces their characteristic blend of ancien regime and Art Nouveau, that made them stand out.
  • Papworth also designed the marble chimney-piece carved by W.G. Nicholl, and an elaborate steel and ormolu fire-grate made by W. Slark & Son.
  • There was a silence during which the tick of the monumental ormolu clock on the white marble mantelpiece grew as loud as the boom of a minute-gun.
  • He let army contractors in to browse the bronzes, ormolu-mounted Sèvres vases, and giltwood mirrors that once reflected carnivals of artifice, vanity, and debauch. THE DIAMOND
  • These are the only versions known to have been executed in ormolu, and must be one of the earliest instances of this material being used for decorative objects in England.
  • Around 1834 his father took up business as a gilder and ormolu manufacturer in London.
  • Lampstands made of blue jars of Spode porcelain with ormolu dragon mounts are placed strategically near the dining table, which is set for the dessert course!
  • In the silence, there was the fussy ticking of an ormolu clock. THE GOLDEN LION
  • Kent provided designs for lighting equipment, published by his associate John Vardy in 1744, that could have been made in ormolu, but because they were special commissions for a royal client, they were executed in silver.

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